Archipelago del Sulcis (Sardegna)

Archipelago del Sulcis (Sardegna)

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Archipelago del Sulcis (Sardegna)




Archipelago del Sulcis (Sardegna)
Archipelago del Sulcis (Sardinia)

Sardegna West

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The archipelago of Sulcis (Italian Arcipelago del Sulcis or Sulcitano) is a short distance from the coast of Sardinia, in the southwest, facing the province Carbonia Iglesias, to which the territory of the islands is connected.

Con capo Altano si apre la zona dell'archipelago dei Sulcis.

The arcipelago consists of two main islands Sant'Antioco island (108 km2) and the island of San Pietro (51 km2) and a few small islands, of which only one is inhabited island Piana (0.2 km2), the others are Isola Toro, Isola Vacca, Isola del Corno and isola dei Ratti.
L'archipel des Sulcis (en italien Arcipelago del Sulcis ou Sulcitano) se trouve à peu de distance de la côte de la Sardaigne, au sud-ouest, face à la province de Carbonia-Iglesias, à laquelle le territoire de ces îles est rattaché.

Avec le cap Altano s'ouvre la zone de l'archipel dei Sulcis.

L'archipel comprend deux îles principales l'île Sant'Antioco (108 km2) et l'île San Pietro (51 km2) et quelques petites îles, parmi lesquelles une seule est habitée, l'île Piana (0,2 km2), les autres étant l' Isola il Toro, l' Isola la Vacca, l' isola del Corno et l' isola dei Ratti.

L'arcipelago del Sulcis (o sulcitano) è a breve distanza dalla costa della Sardegna, a SW, di fronte alla provincia di Carbonia Iglesias, alla quale il territorio delle isole è collegato.

With Altano cape the arcipelago del Sulcis opens.

L'arcipelago è costituito da due isole principali, isola di Sant'Antioco (108 km2) e l'isola di San Pietro (51 km2) e poche piccole isole, delle quali solo una isola è abitata, isola Piana (0,2 km2), gli altri sono Isola Toro, Isola la Vacca, l'Isola del Corno e Isola dei Ratti.



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Sites around Archipelago del Sulcis (Sardegna)

Flying distances - Direct line

Isola Sant'Antioco (Sulcis Sardegna)

Sant'Antioco island is rocky, with the exception of the NE coast lined with saline extending to the Sardinian coast. The island is connected to Sardinia by a causeway. She is overwhelmed by short shoals.
Sant'Antioco island is best best known for its beautiful beaches, but also ...
29 Oct 12

Isola di San Pietro (Sulcis Sardegna)

San Pietro island is SW of Sardegna. Caloforte is the only town and the only harbour of the island.San Pietro island is fairly flat in the S, it is higher in the center and rugged in the center and N. SW coast of the island is rugged and arid. It is very indented and form numerous ...
28 Oct 12

Secca Mangiabarche (Calasetta S. Antioco Sardegna)

At 8 NM NNW of Sperone cape, at about 1,5 NM of the coast, is the "Mangiabarche" rock marked by a light.It's a dive site. The place is particularly exposed to winds and currents, so be very careful and dive a day preferably with a time stable.
30 Oct 12

Spiaggia Grande (Calasetta S Antioco Sardegna)

Spiaggia Grande is  a wide arc-shaped inlet closed right from Punta Maggiore, where stands an old tuna fishery over the red rocks, and left Punta della Salina.

Anchor in about 3 m in the SW part where the headland provides shelter from the open sea.
31 Oct 12

Cala Lunga (S Antioco Sardegna)

Deep indentation surrounded by rocks and well protected from the winds, at the bottom there is a beautiful sandy beach.

The anchorage is nice and wild in a clear water.
This anchorage is not recommended in rough seas because of the many rocks and shoals that clutters the cove.
31 Oct 12