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Ada Sailing Club

Ada Sailing Club is located 50 meters upstream from the Ada bridge on Sava river. Great racing team with sailing school for every level. Willing to help in every situation to other sailors. Offers wifi and cold driks. Contact: milos@jk-ada.com , +381637327177 , www.jk-ada.com
14 Jul 22


Between Jutland and Samsøe is the natural island Endelhave. 
Small harbor with boxes 2,5 m deep and brand new showers complex. As well a nice wooden swimming platform is available.
8 Aug 21

Bethel Harbor

7 Aug 21

Langøre Havn

North-east of Samsøe Island, on the edge of the Stavnsfjord, is the small natural harbor of Langør. You can anchor in the bay to the east except in southerly winds.

Superb island with Danish-style bike rental (you pay yourself - bikes ready to use)Restaurant smoking house ...
7 Aug 21

Hyères - Port St-Pierre

The marina is situated on the Var Coast opposite the Golden Islands (Porquerolles) E of the Giens peninsula, between Toulon and St-Tropez, comprising 3 basins and providing shelter from all winds.
Danger: deep swell in E wind. 1432 B. incl. 120 visit. (<16m)
24 Mar 12

Nautical Guides - Ebooks in pdf format to be downloaded

Image:Flag_Gb.png Ebooks in ".pdf' format adapted to tablet display. Each one groups in one document a complete sailing area. Due to the size of the document, download time can be long.