Otok Kolocep

Otok Kolocep

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Island / Atoll


Kolocep island is located two NM from Dubrovnik. This small island is part of the archipelago of islands Elafiten.
Locals also call it Kalamota. Its area is 2.35 km2.
On the island there are two villages in the two largest bays of the island: Gornje Celo and Donje Celo that connects a walk of 3 km long.

The island is covered from east to west pine forest whose branches descend to the surface of the sea is one of the most indented islands of the Adriatic Sea which hides many coves and caves.
You will also found Plava Splilja (the blue Groote ) where you should go swimming. The crystalline sea abounds in fish and shellfish.
Otok Kolocep
Otok Kolocep
L'île de Kolocep est située à deux MN de Dubrovnik. Cette petite île fait partie de l'archipel des îles Elaphites.

Les habitants locaux l'appellent aussi Kalamota. Sa superficie est de 2,35 km2.

Sur l'île se trouve deux villages situés dans les deux plus grandes baies de l'île: Gornje Celo et Donje Celo que relie une promenade de 3 km de long.

L'île est recouverte d’est en ouest de forêt de pins  dont les branches descendent jusque à la surface de la mer. C’est une des îles la plus dentelée de la mer Adriatique qui cache de nombreuses criques et grottes.

Vous y trouverez aussi Plava Splilja (la groote bleue)  dans laquelle vous devrez vous rendre en nageant. La mer cristalline y abonde en poissons, mollusques et crustacés.


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Flying distances - Direct line

Otok Sipan

It is the largest and most populated island of the group Elafiten. It rises to 234 m at its N and a prominent hill rises 224 m NW of the SE end.
Ruda is a small island that is 0.5 M SE of the NE extremity of the island and Misnjaka, 13 m high, lies close off the NW extremity.
16 Apr 11

Otok Lopud

The island of Lopud belongs Elaphites. It is only 4.6 km2.
It has a pleasant village and some old buildings. You'll find a sandy beach.
There are two good anchorages: uvala Lopud (NW of the island), where is the village and uvala Sunj (SE of the island).
15 Apr 11

Stonski Kanal

Stonski Kanal, a deep inlet, indents the SE end of Poluotok Peljesac at the NW end of Kolocepski Kanal.
Its shore rises rapidly on each side and provides protection from NE and SW winds. The village of Brocej is situated on the S shore 3.8 miles within the entrance.
It is fronted ...
25 Apr 11

Uvala Donje Celo

Located on the NW coast of Kolocep this bay is about 4.5 M NW Gruz.
Bordered by a small village is a good anchorage for the night.
A jetty is located on the E side of the bay, it can be used at night, the day it is reserved for tour boats.
We anchor with 4 to 10 m.
Open to the NW.
15 Apr 11

Uvala Gornje Celo

Gornje Celo is on the NE coast of Kolocep and 1.5 M SE of Rt Bat. There is a coffee and a dock near the beach.
We anchor by 5 meters.
Open to the N and NE.
15 Apr 11

Zupski Zaliv

Zupski Zaliv is entered between Rt Sustjepan and Rt Pelegrin, 2.5 miles NW. The E and SE shores of this bay are backed by mountains, but a valley through which a river flows lies within the N shore.
Malastica, 628m high, stands 1 mile N of the bay. This hill has a somewhat sharp ...
13 Apr 11