Otok Sipan

Otok Sipan

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Island / Atoll


It is the largest and most populated island of the group Elafiten. It rises to 234 m at its N and a prominent hill rises 224 m NW of the SE end.
Ruda is a small island that is 0.5 M SE of the NE extremity of the island and Misnjaka, 13 m high, lies close off the NW extremity.

It is home to several villages. Luka is the largest (or Sipanska Luka), located at the bottom of a long inlet that enters the NW coast. On the SE coast, Sudura is the smallest village, with a port.

Caution: A prohibited area extends up to 0.3 mile seaward from the SW side of Otoc Sipan.

C'est la plus grande île et la plus peuplée du groupe des Elaphites. Elle s'élève à 234 m à son extrémité N et une colline proéminente de 224 m s'élève au NW de son extrémité SE.

Ruda est un îlot qui se trouve à 0,5 M au SE de son extrémité et l'îlot Misnjak, de 13 m de haut, s'étend à son extrémité NW.

Elle abrite plusieurs villages. Le plus grand est Luka (ou Sipanska Luka), situé au fond d'un long bras de mer qui pénètre dans la côte NW. Sur la côte SE, Sudura est le village le plus petit, avec un port.

Attention: Une zone interdite s'étend jusqu'à 0,3 mile au large de la côte sud-ouest de Otoc Sipan.


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Sites around Otok Sipan

Flying distances - Direct line

Stonski Kanal

Stonski Kanal, a deep inlet, indents the SE end of Poluotok Peljesac at the NW end of Kolocepski Kanal.
Its shore rises rapidly on each side and provides protection from NE and SW winds. The village of Brocej is situated on the S shore 3.8 miles within the entrance.
It is fronted ...
25 Apr 11

Otok Jakljan

Otoc Jakljan, fronted by islets  (Kosmec and Crvina) on its N side, lies close NW of the SW extremity of Otoc Sipan.
A white stony peak, 225m high, stands near the center of this island and is conspicuous from seaward.
Jakljan island is separated of Sipan by a narrow passage, ...
16 Apr 11

Otok Lopud

The island of Lopud belongs Elaphites. It is only 4.6 km2.
It has a pleasant village and some old buildings. You'll find a sandy beach.
There are two good anchorages: uvala Lopud (NW of the island), where is the village and uvala Sunj (SE of the island).
15 Apr 11

Sipanska Luka

This is the main village of Sipan.
It can dock at the facility, NE of it.
You can anchor the S Wharf light, in 6 m of water.
Good protection from the wind except the NW and SW
16 Apr 11

Luka Sudurad Sipan

This small port is located at SE O. Sipan. The small island of Ruda is 0.5 million offshore.
In the bay to stay closer to the S side to avoid the rocks in the N.
The village of Sudurad with remarkable turn in the center, located at the bottom of the bay.
We anchor by 5 m ...
16 Apr 11

Luka Slano

Luka Slano, entered at the NW end of Kolocepski Kanal, is a nearly landlocked inlet which provides protection from S winds. Anchorage can be taken, in a depth of 11m, near the head. The town of Slano is situated at the head of the inlet and is fronted by a quay suitable for small ...
25 Apr 11