Pyramid shoal (Malaysia)

Pyramid shoal (Malaysia)

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Pyramid Shoal, which lies on the N side of the SE end of South Sands, has a least depth of 3.4m, hard sand, and is the most dangerous shoal in the area because of its depth and protrusion into the fairway.

A lighted buoy is moored about 7 miles SE of Pyramid Shoal. A depth of about 10m is charted between this buoy and the shoal. A depth of 13.6m was reported in position 2°23'N, 101°41'E.

Shoal patches of sandwave formation extend into the fairway NE of Pyramid Shoal, the most important being depths of 12.4 and 13.1m lying about 8 miles NW of Pyramid Shoal.
These shoals reduce the width of the fairway at this point to about 7 miles and should be avoided by deep-draft vessels.
A depth of 17.6m was reported in the fairway 9 miles NNW of Pyramid Shoal and there is a depth of 19.8m 5 miles NNE of the shoal.


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