Angsa Bank (Selangor - Malaysia)

Angsa Bank (Selangor - Malaysia)

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Cardinal del Norte


Angsa Bank North Cardinal Light Float is moored off the NW end of Angsa Bank, about 15miles W of Kuala Selangor Light.

The bottom is soft and not likely to damage a vessel touching, and the water is invariably smooth. From a position about 12 miles W of Kuala Selangor light, a vessel should steer SE into the strait.

Upon sighting Pulau Angsa, the vessel should steer for it, bearing 154° until about 4 miles from it.

Bukit Jugra, a hill, just open E of Pulau Angsa, bearing 150°, will lead between the W mud bank and Batu Penyu. A light is shown from
Bukit Jugra, Pulau Angsa, and Batu Penyu.

When abreast of Pulau Angsa, the course should be altered to about 130° to pass through the dredged channel of which ahs a depth of 11.1m.
The lighthouse at Pulau Angsa is linked by VHF with the Harbormaster’s office at Port Kelang.
Fishing stakes extend into deep water on either side of the strait but are generally within the 10m curve. They are continually being shifted, but do not extend into the main channel.
Fishing boats at times frequent the approach to Selat Kelang Utara (North Kelang Strait) in great numbers and lay their drift nets  across the channel. These nets are marked by wooden floats and have a boat at each end of the net.
Caution.—Uncharted drying banks lie from 2.75 miles SW to 4.5 miles W of the E entrance point to Kuala Selangor.


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Selangor lighthouse (Selangor Malaysia)

Kuala Selangor is conspicuous by the light structure and various small buildings at the foot of a hill.
Caution.—The banks off the mouth of the Sungai Selangor are reported to be extending seaward.
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Kuala Selangor is a town located in Selangor, Malaysia, and is capital of an administrative district of the same name.
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Port Klang is the principal port in Selangor.  It also serves as the port for the Klang Valley, Malaysia's most developed region where the capital Kuala Lumpur (that lies 40 miles to the E) is located. The port is situated on the W coast of the Malaysian Peninsula at the N end ...
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Pyramid Shoal, which lies on the N side of the SE end of South Sands, has a least depth of 3.4m, hard sand, and is the most dangerous shoal in the area because of its depth and protrusion into the fairway.
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Tanjong Selat Lumut (Perak - Malaysia)

Selat Lumut separates the E side of Pulau Lumut from the mainland. It has a least width of about 0.1 mile, with both sides of the S entrance fringed by mud banks. Selat Lumut has not been surveyed in detail, but appears to be navigable by vessels of not more than 3m draft.
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One Fathom Bank (Selangor Malaysia)

One Fathom Bank (2°53'N., 100°59'E.) is a detached patch, with depths from 3 to 10m, which extends 5 miles in a NW direction reaching 1 mile in width. One Fathom Bank Light is situated 0.6 mile from the SE extremity of the bank.
A stranded wreck is situated about 0.7 mile NW ...
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