Otok Molat (Zadar)

Otok Molat (Zadar)

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Located N of Dugi Otok and the islands of NW Zverinac (Tun Veli, Mali and Sestrunj Tun).
It is separated from these islands by a serie of narrow passages called Sedmovrace. Prolaz Zapuntel, the channel  leading between O. Ist and O. Molat, offers a pleasant and sheltered anchorage.
The area of the island is 22.7 km2. Long and nearly 6 million of NW SE, Molat has a S side cut by a long stretch of sea and deep, the Brguljski Zaljev where cargo can shelter. It also provides anchorage for boaters.
There are 3 villages of Otok Molat: Molat, Brgulje and Zapuntel. Located in the interior they have docks with a few houses.
Située au N de Dugi Otok et au NW des îles de Zverinac (Tun Veli, Tun Mali et Sestrunj).
Elle est séparée de ces îles par un ensemble de passages étroits appelés les Sedmovrace. Prolaz Zapuntel, le chenal qui passe entre O. Ist et O. Molat, offre un mouillage agréable et abrité.

La superficie de l'île est 22,7 km2. Longue de près de 6 M du NW au SE, Molat dispose d'une côte S découpée par un bras de mer long et profond, le Brguljski Zaljev, où les cargos peuvent s'abriter. Il offre aussi des mouillages pour les plaisanciers.

Il y a 3 villages sur Otok Molat: Molat, Brgulje et Zapuntel. Situés à l'intérieur des terres ils ont des débarcadères avec quelques maisons.

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Rivanjski Kanal

Rivanjski Kanal continues NW from the N end of Srednji Kanal and leads between Otok Rivanj andOtok Sestrunj.
It is generally used by vessels proceeding between Srednji and Zadarski Kanals.
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Olipski Kanal

Olipski Kanal leads NNW between the E side of Otok Silba and the W side of Otok Olib and merges into the N end of Pohlipski Kanal.
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Kanal Nove Povljane Vir

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Brguljski Zaljev (Molat)

This is the stretch of sea that penetrates Molat of nearly 2.5 million towards the NW and offers many opportunities for moorings.By SW, be careful when approaching the zone of shoals and islets in front of the bottom edge NW of Dugi Otok.
Coming from the SW, the channel prolaz ...
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Otok Premuda Zadar

Premuda is located northwest of Otok Skarda which it is separated by a channel about 0.9 m wide (Premuda Vrata). The tips of each side of the channel are overwhelmed shoals and should not be approached too closely.
The coast is home to 2 W moorings and a small port and there is ...
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