Otocic Cavtatski Grebeni

Otocic Cavtatski Grebeni

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Otocic Cavtatski Grebeni
Otocic Cavtatski Grebeni

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Otocic Cavtatski Grebeni, a group of islets and above-water rocks, lies up to 2 miles W of Rt Sustjepan, on a line NW-SE parallel to the coast.
Otocic Mrkan, the largest islet, is 65m high and appears dark from seaward.

NW is the island Bobara.
Between the two islands are three small islands.
There is a passage between O. Mrkan and most to the S of small islands. At its shallowest point, near O Mrkan this passage to 5.5 m deep.
The channel between these islands and the mainland is about 0.7 M wide at its narrowest point, near O. Mrkan, with depths over 20 m.
An area of high land with few rocks emerging extends to 0.2 M SE of the island's most S, O. Mrkan.
There was no fire on this island.

Otocic Cavtatski Grebeni, est un groupe d'îlots et de rochers, qui se trouve à 2 miles à l' W de la Rt  Sustjepan, sur une ligne NW-SE parallèle à la côte.

Otocic Mrkan, le plus grand îlot, au SE,  est haut de 65m et apparaît sombre vu du large.
Au NW se trouve l'île Bobara.
Entre les deux îles, se trouvent trois petites îles.

Il y a un passage entre O. Mrkan et la plus au S des petites îles. A son point le moins profond, près d'O Mrkan ce passage a 5,5 m de fond.

Le chenal entre ces îles et le continent est large d'environ 0,7 M à son point le plus étroit, près d'O. Mrkan, avec des profondeurs de plus de 20 m.

Une zone de haut-fonds avec quelques rochers émergeant s'étend à 0,2 M au SE de l'île la plus au S, O. Mrkan.

Il n'y a pas de feu sur cette île.

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Flying distances - Direct line

Otok Sipan

It is the largest and most populated island of the group Elafiten. It rises to 234 m at its N and a prominent hill rises 224 m NW of the SE end.
Ruda is a small island that is 0.5 M SE of the NE extremity of the island and Misnjaka, 13 m high, lies close off the NW extremity.
16 Apr 11

Zupski Zaliv

Zupski Zaliv is entered between Rt Sustjepan and Rt Pelegrin, 2.5 miles NW. The E and SE shores of this bay are backed by mountains, but a valley through which a river flows lies within the N shore.
Malastica, 628m high, stands 1 mile N of the bay. This hill has a somewhat sharp ...
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Tivaski Zaliv

The middle bay of Boka Kotorska, is connected to Topaljski Zaliv by Kumborski Strait, a deep passage.
This bay is steep and rocky on its S side, but the NE and NW shores, which are backed by mountains, are low and cultivated.
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Plicina Seka Velika

 Seka Velika is about 0.4 M NW of the port of Cavtat. It is indicated by a tag and a fire.
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Otocic Supetar - Hr Superka

The island of Supetar and the shoal with a rock discovered, halfway between Supetar and extend the course to 0.7 NM NW of Rt Sv Rok.
Do not get too close to the island because of the rocks that surround it.
Island Supetar is 8 m high and a prominent building rises to its summit.
Hr ...
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Hrid Sustjepan

Rock discovered submerged rocks in its N, from 0.2 M W of Rt Sustjepan.
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