Tanjong Ru to Tanjong Piai (Malaysia)

Tanjong Ru to Tanjong Piai (Malaysia)

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Tanjong Ru to Tanjong Piai (Malaysia)




The N coast of the Strait of Malacca between Tanjung Ru and Tanjung Piai, about 166 miles SE, is only slightly indented.

Most of the shoal areas which lie off this section of coast are contained within these bights N of a line drawn between the salient points.

Port Dickson and Melaka Road are the only two ports of any commercial importance to shipping.
Many of the salient points and off-lying dangers found along this section of coast are usually well marked by navigational aids. Some of these points have been reported to be radar conspicuous.
When visible, the high peaks of the mountain ridges inland serve as good navigational aids for position fixing.

Regulations.—STRAITREP, a joint Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore mandatory ship reporting system, operates in the Strait of Malacca and Singapore Strait.

Caution.—It has been reported that certain vessels carrying hazardous cargo have been exhibiting an all round red light.
Additionally, vessels with low freeboard use security lights underway which mask running lights by their brilliance. The security lights are used due to the increased potential of pirate activity in the straits.
Although such lighting schemes are a violation of the regulations, vessels transiting the straits should be aware of the practice and take the necessary precautions and plan accordingly.


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