Gaadhoo Koa (Malé passage) (Kaafu)

Gaadhoo Koa (Malé passage) (Kaafu)

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Gaadhoo Koa (Malé passage) (Kaafu)




Gaadhoo Koa (Gaadiinoo Koa) Gaadhoo Koa (Male Passage), the channel close E of Male, is the recommended channel.
The fairway is about 0.4 mile wide between the reefs extending SE of Maleand S of Hulule airstrip.

Caution is necessary as strong cross sets of up to 6 knots caused by the season monssons occur across the mouth of the channel. The W channel (Vaadhoo Kandu) between Male and Viligili is not recommended.

Gaadhoo Koa (Male Passage) is approached with the E side of Dhoonidhu bearing 337°, and open NE of Funadhoo until the S end of Hulule runway bears 085°. Then steer through the middle of the channel between Funadhoo and Hulule, and as required round the N side of Funadhoo to approach the anchorage.
The outline of the reefs is very distinct.

In 1983, it was reported that because of the extended runway S on Hulule Island, a more appropriate approach through Male Passage should be made from farther SE, maintaining a midchannel course.
A vessel, at the approach on course 345°, reported observing a current setting NNE at 3.5 knots until the S tip of the runway was abeam to starboard, when a strong S to SW set of 4 knots was encountered with numerous eddies between Small mill Point and Wild Point. To remain in mid-channel and to counteract the set and drift, a course of 008° was steered, thereafter, adjusting as necessary to the anchorage.
If approaching Male from W, enter Kaashidoo Channel (Kaashidoo) between Thoddoo (Thuddu) and Goidhoo Atoll (Horsburgh Atoll), 25 miles N of it. Pass close N clear of Toddu and then steer SE for Vaadhoo Kandu (Wadu Channel). When Male is identified and  approached, follow the directions as mentioned above.

Low-powered vessels, sailing vessels, and vessels arriving from E, may use the opening in the reef 6 miles NNE of Male.
Steer to pass about 0.6 mile S of Lankanfinolhu, then N and W of the reef lying 0.5 mile NW of Kaduoiygiri. Then steer S to pass W of Vihamanaafushi, a wooded islet 3 miles N of Male, and then W of Dhoonidhu to the anchorage.



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Flying distances - Direct line

Funadhoo island (Kaafu)

Funadhoo (Funidu) lies about 0.3 mile N of the E end of Male, and is surrounded by a reef which dries in places.
A small tank farm, with three large and about six smaller tanks,stands on the island.
17 Nov 11

Hulhule island (Kaafu)

Hulule, about 0.6 mile E of Funadhoo, bears some tall coconut palms; an airstrip runs the full length of the island and joins it to an islet close S. Airport buildings and a small village lie along the central part of the W side of Hulule.
The Malé International Airport is located ...
17 Nov 11

Malé island (Kaafu)

Posée sur les flots, la capitale des Maldives compte 100 000 habitants sur 2 km², soit le tiers de la population du pays.
La ville est située sur l'île de Malé d'une superficie de 1,5 km² dans l'atoll de Malé (Kaafu) dans le sud de l'archipel des Maldives.
Malé est depuis ...
16 Nov 11

Surfing in Malé (Kaafu)

Eastern reef of Male’, Southern tip of North Male’ Atoll: A couple of shifting peaks, popular with locals, riding surfboards and boogie boards. The reef picks up plenty of swell. Best in W winds. Accessible from the shore.
17 Nov 11

Malé harbour Sawmill Pt (kaafu)

The Maldives group of Islands extends in a N/S direction from 00 41.48 S to approx 08 00N, to the SW of the Indian subcontinent. Male' the principal port, is centrally situated on the E side of the group. The inner harbor is used by small local craft and has depths of 1.8 to 3m. ...
19 Nov 11

Male commercial harbour (Kaafu)

Male, the principal port, is centrally situated at NW corner of Male. Male' Commercial Harbour is situated on the NW side of Male' island.
All cargo vessels are handled at Alongside and as well as at anchorage using Barge operation. Most of the container ships are handled at Alongside ...
19 Nov 11