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North Malé (Kaafu) Atoll

North Malé (Kaafu) Atoll



N Male Atoll is the main atoll of the Maldives. It stretches 69 km S of N and 39 km E of W.
There are 8 islands of fishermen and 26 resort islands.
A number of islands surrounding the capital used in industry.
Divers will find many sites that have made the country's reputation.
North Malé (Kaafu) Atoll
North Malé (Kaafu) Atoll
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Sites around North Malé (Kaafu) Atoll
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Difuri Malé (N Kaafu)

Between Difuri (Diffushi) and Male, 20 miles SW, a chain of islands lies upon the reef which is sharply marked by change of water color or, in swell conditions, by breakers upon it.
13 Nov 11

Giraavaru Akirifuri (N Kaafu)

Between Giravaru and Akirifuri, about 26 miles N, several low bush-covered islets, about 7m high, lie on the W fringing reef, giving effective warning of the reef lying about 0.2 mile outside them.
Several openings into the lagoon lie along this stretch of coast. The largest opening ...
19 Nov 11

Helengeli to Mirufuri (N Kaafu)

Between Helengili and Mirufuri, there are several deep channels without landmarks to identify them; a vessel may pass through in favorable conditions and keeping a good lookout.
12 Nov 11

Gaa Faro reef

Gaa Faro Reef, in the form of a small atoll, lies about 1.5 miles N of Male Atoll, from which it is separated by a deep channel, free from dangers in the fairway.
Gaa Faro (Gafaru), an islet at the E end of the reef, is inhabited. A clump of trees lies on the reef about 1 mile ...
9 Nov 11

Vaadhoo (Waddu) channel

Waddu Channel, between the S end of Male Atoll and the N end of South Male Atoll, about 2.3 mile S, is very deep and free from dangers.
The tidal currents in the channel are very strong, the flood setting E and the ebb W. During the monsoons, the tidal current accelerated by the ...
19 Nov 11

Aligau pass (Fadiffolu)

There is a wide opening into the atoll between Aligau and Lowalfuri, about 3.5 miles NNW; the islet of Madewaru lies near the middle of the opening.
5 Nov 11

Helengeli islet (N Kaafu)

Helengili, a long low wooded islet, lies on the barrier reef about 4.5 miles SE of Kagi.
Openings through the reef lie on each side of the islet; the N opening is narrow and appears to have a least depth of 20m, while the S channel is broader, with a least depth of 40m.
Lighted ...
12 Nov 11

Kagi islet (N Kaafu)

Kagi, a small wooded islet, lies about 3 miles ESE of Olahali, and 1.5 miles within the lagoon.
A good unobstructed channelthrough the reef lies N of this islet; its entrance is markedby drying rocks, and in 1974, by the stump remains of a pile beacon.
12 Nov 11

Asdu (Asdhoo) (Kaadu)

Asdu (320 x 150 m), in the lagoon, about 3 miles W of Mirufuri, is covered with coconut palms.
At 32 km N of airport.ASDU is famous for its live house reef jealously guarded and protected by it's management.The natural beauty of this tiny island is in its white sandy beach ...
12 Nov 11

Akirifushi island (Kaafu)

Akirifushi is low and covered with bushes; It is uninhabited island.
There is a small but safe opening on each side of this islet and another 1 mile ENE of it.
Other openings between Giravaru and Akirifushi have dangers within the channels or close within the atoll abreast them.
19 Nov 11

Olahali (Olhuhali) (N Kaafu)

Olahali, a low bush-covered islet, marks the NW point of Male Atoll. A major channel into the main lagoon lies close E of the islet; there appeared to be a least depth of 50m in the center of the channel and the reef edges could be clearly seen. Tides—Currents.—During the Northeast ...
10 Nov 11

Makunudu (Maldives)

A 55min en bateau rapide de Malé. Situé au NW de l'atoll, cette petite île tout en longueur, est orientée EW. Son lagon est merveilleux et le récif intérieur proche permet des plongées avec tuba directement depuis l'île.
La barrière de corail est proche de la plage et accessible à pied.
3 Jan 08
Local Area

Kaafu atoll

Malé Atoll consist of two separate atolls: Nort Malé Atoll and South Malé Atoll.Together with Kaashidhoo Island and Gaafaru, Malé Atoll forms the administrative division known as Kaafu Atoll. Kaafu is the administrative name of the largest atoll of the Maldives, both economic ...
6 Jul 12


The Republic of Maldives is a SW Asian country. The population of the Islamic Republic is about 300 000 inhabitants. The capital is Male. The language "Devehi" comes in part from an ancient form of Sri Lancans mixed with Hindi, Arabic and English. English is the ...
16 Nov 11

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
6 Apr 12
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