Selanga Islets and Alor Islands (Indonesia)

Selanga Islets and Alor Islands (Indonesia)

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Selanga Islets and Alor Islands (Indonesia)


Île / Atoll


The Selanga Islets, three in number, lying on the SE of Selat Pengelap, are small but elevated and conspicuous; the S islet is 35m high. With an opposing wind and current, a troublesome sea may arise in this area.

The Pangelap group of islands separates Selat Pangelap from Selat Abang.

The Alor Islands, the southernmost of the Pengelap group, consist of some rocky islets lying on a reef; the southernmost islet is 46m high.

Pengelap, the largest of the group, is about 3.3 miles long, N and S, 0.5 mile wide, wooded, and moderately elevated, attaining a height of 80m in the N part; the island is fringed by a reef, which projects in places on the E coast to a distance of 0.25 mile, but on the W coast to a less distance.

Udiep (Oediep)
, an islet 39m high, thickly wooded, and surrounded by a reef, lies about 1.3 miles E of the N end of Pengelap, and in the channel of Selat Dempo.

Dedap, about 2 miles long, NW and SE, and about 0.3 mile wide, lies about 1 mile W of Pengelap.

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