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Sumatra E coast (Indonesia)

Sumatra E coast (Indonesia)



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Tanjung Jamboaye to Tg Sinaboi (NE Sumatra)

The coast between Tanjung Jambuair and Ujung Tamiang about 69 miles SE, is plain, with few prominent features.
From February through May the high mountains in the interior are occasionally visible. During the rest of the year they can usually be seen in the morning. Many of the ...
21 Jan 12

Tanjung Sinaboi to Singapore strait (E Sumatra)

The S coast of the Strait of Malacca between Tanjung Sinaboi and Tanjung Medang, the N point of Pulau Medang about 37 miles ESE, is fronted by numerous mudbanks, which are a continuation of South Sands. Some of these banks dry and are marked by occasional breakers.
Pulau Medang ...
25 Jan 12

Pulau Bintan (Indonesia)

Bintan Island or Negeri Segantang Lada is an island in the Riau archipelago of Indonesia. The capital Tanjung Pinang, lies in the island's south.
Bintan, is the largest among the 3200 islands of Riau Archipelago and is located 10 km E of the Batam Island.
Bintan is very close ...
24 Feb 12

Pulau Selayar (Indonesia)

Pulau Selayar is about 6 miles long, E and W, and 2,5 miles wide. It lies between Pulau Singkep and Pulau Lingga, dividing the passage into two channels, named Selat Penuba and Selat Lima.
A reef extends about 1 mile SE of Penuba, a village at the SE end of Pulau Selayar. A hill ...
27 Feb 12

Pulau Singkep (E Sumatra)

Pulau Singkep is located about 20 miles N of Tanjung Jabung on the Sumatera coast. It is an island in the Lingga Archipelago in Indonesia.
The island, about 20 miles in length and the same in breadth, is much indented on its N and S sides.
It is separated from the E coast of ...
29 Feb 12

Pulau Lingga (E Sumatra)

Lingga Island is the largest and most populated of the Lingga Islands.  It has an area of 889 km² and is located south of the Riau Islands off the east coast of Sumatra. It is 4 miles N of pulau Singkep and has a NW and SE direction. It largely consists of alluvial flats.The ...
27 Feb 12

Pulau Sebangka (E Lingga)

Pulau Sebangka lies between Pulau Lingga and Pulau Temiang to the NW. It is 19 miles long between Tanjung Gantong, its SE end, and Oetan Besar, its NW end, with a maximum breadth of about 3 miles.
Reefs, dry at LW, front the N side of Tanjung Gantong; they are visible from the ...
9 Feb 12

Pulau Bakung Besar (N Pulau Lingga)

Pulau Bakung (Bakong) lies close to the NW end of Pulau Lingga, from which it is separated by Selat Dasi, and has some fairly high hills.
The SW coast of the island trends in a NW direction, the shore being fronted to a short distance by a reef.Close to the NW extremity of Pulau ...
27 Feb 12

Pulau pulau Tuju (E Sumatra)

Pulau-pulau Tuju (Tudju Eilanden) lie in the NE approach to Selat Bangka, in a position about 20 miles from the N coast of Bangka.
These islands are generally visible at a distance of about 25 miles and are surrounded by reefs.
Many shoals in the area are not marked by discoloration.
8 Feb 12

Pulau Temiang (Indonesia)

Pulau Temiang, the largest and northernmost of the group, is 7.5 miles in length, 3 miles in breadth, and irregularly-shaped, with the NE side being nearly straight; at the NW end there is a deep inlet, and there is also one at the SE end; in the latter there are two small villages.
This ...
27 Feb 12

Pulau Garang and Pulau Galang Baru (Indonesia)

Pulau Galang and Pulau Galang Baru (Galang Baroe), S of it, both hilly and thickly wooded, are separated by Selat Penjabung. On the E side of these islands are numerous islands and reefs terminating E in Pulau Karas-besar.
11 Feb 12

Sawang Islets (Indonesia)

The Sawang Islets lie in Selat Abang, about 0.5 mile NW of Dedap.
29 Feb 12

Pulau Rusah-Turus-Lanjang (E Sumatra)

Pulau Rusah, a rock topped by tall trees, stands in the fairway of the channel leading W and S of Pulau Kundur into Selat Durian.
Pulau Turus and Batu Lanjang, awash, lie 1 mile and 2.75 miles SSE, respectively, of Pulau Rusah.Between Pulau Turus and Batu Lanjang to the W, and ...
30 Jan 12

Pulau Karimun Kecil (E Sumatra)

Karimun Kecil or Little Karimun, separated from the NE side of Great Karimun by a deep channel about 0.5 mile wide, is a bold island, 377m high.
In the NW approach to the channel between Great Karimun and Little Karimun are two islets, Nangoi, 39m high, about 1.2 miles W of the ...
1 Feb 12

Pulau Burung (Burung-E Sumatra)

Pulau Burung (Boeroeng), 4 miles NNW of the entrance of the Sungai Kateman, is low, wooded, and separated from the Sumatera coast by a narrow channel.  Pulau Burung is a drying bank extends from 1 to 2 miles from the ends of the island.
Kateman Island and Pulau Burung are ...
27 Feb 12

Pulau Belembang-Burung (E Rangsang-E Sumatra)

Pulau Burung, which stands about 5 miles SE of Tanjung Medangkaluwar, the E extremity of Pulau Rangsang, is high, densely wooded, and fringed by above and below-water rocks.
Pulau Belembang, 1,5 miles N of pulau Burung, is surrounded by above and belowwater rocks. The islet is ...
30 Jan 12

Pulau Lalang (Sumatra)

Pulau Lalang, rocky, hilly, and overgrown with brush, stands 3.75 miles SE of Pulau Burung.
It is a small reef-fringed islet surrounded by numerous rocks and shoals within 1 mile N, S, and W its sides.
Detached reefs lie about 1.2 miles E, 1 mile SSE, and 1.5 miles SSE, respectively ...
29 Jan 12

Titampan group of islands (Indonesia)

The Titampan group of islands, located NW of the Merodong group, occupies an oval space about 6 miles in length, E and W, and nearly 5 miles in breadth. It comprises several islands, islets, and rocks, which are separated from each other by narrow channels which are obstructed by ...
28 Feb 12

Pulau Assan and Mudu (E Sumatra)

Assan and Mudu, rocky and thickly-overgrown islands, 83 and 65m high, respectively, lie about 1.2 miles off the NW side of Great Karimun. Sajuda, an above-water rock, lies 0.5 mile N of Assan and Seal Rock lies about 0.5 mile NE of Sajuda.
Tokong Belanda, a low rock, lies about ...
31 Jan 12

Pulau Tambelas (E Sumatra)

Pulau Tambelas, 80m high, stands about 4 miles NNW of Pulau Kempaan, in the fairway between Selat Gelam and the channels between the islands SW of it.
The island has three peaks and from a distance appears as two islands.
31 Jan 12

Pulau Kenipaan (Kempaan) (E Sumatra)

Pulau Kempaan (Kenipaan), about 2 miles in length, stands 6 miles ENE of Pulau Belembang and 2 miles W of the N extremity of Pulau Kundur.
The bottom between this island and Pulau Kundur is foul. Above and belowwater rocks lie in Selat Gelam between Pulau Kempaan and Pulau Babi.
31 Jan 12

Pulau Nipah (E Sumatra)

Pulau Nipah, close N of Pulau Kempaan, is the only uninhabited islet.
31 Jan 12

Pulau Babi (E Sumatra)

Pulau Babi, 2.5 miles NNE of Pulau Kempaan, rises to a height of 80m.
31 Jan 12

Selanga Islets and Alor Islands (Indonesia)

The Selanga Islets, three in number, lying on the SE of Selat Pengelap, are small but elevated and conspicuous; the S islet is 35m high. With an opposing wind and current, a troublesome sea may arise in this area.The Pangelap group of islands separates Selat Pangelap from Selat Abang. ...
29 Feb 12
Local Area

Sumatra (Indonesia)

Sumatra (Indonesian: Sumatera) is an island in western Indonesia, westernmost of the Sunda Islands.
The longest axis of the island runs approximately 1,790 km (1,110 mi) northwest-southeast, crossing the equator near the centre. At its widest point the island spans ...
7 Jan 12

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
6 Apr 12

Sumatra W coast (Indonesia)

On the W coast of Sumatera there is a high, rocky coast, or if there is a strip of sand by the sea, the land rises rapidly behind it to the neighboring hills.
Numerous small streams discharge their waters on the W coast, but most of them are barred and only navigable by small craft. ...
1 Feb 12
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