Fortaleza port (Ceara Brazil)

Fortaleza port (Ceara Brazil)

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Fortaleza port (Ceara Brazil)


Port de commerce


This is the most important city on the north coast and is also a busy fishing harbour.

For the unsuspecting, the bay is littered with wrecks (those not buoyed show above the water), and the water shallows quickly, so care should be taken on entry. Lights on the buoys can be undetected from over 50m away.

Visiting cruisers warn that parts of the city (including areas round the Park Hotel) are not safe, recommending to travel in groups and use a taxi instead of public transport. However, much of Fortaleza is fairly upscale with nice shopping and dining.

Credit card fraud is a problem here, so take extra care if using one.

It is possible to anchor at the commercial harbour on arrival to check in. This anchorage however is not safe and there's no where to leave your dinghy when going ashore. The alternative is to berth at the marina and make the necessary office visits by taxi.

Phone: +55 85 3266 8800
Fax: +55 85 266 5211

Offices are open every day, 24 hours, and cruisers report not being charged overtime on a Saturday.

Most visitors moor at the Marina Park Hotel, to the west. A night entry should be avoided as many boats string lines right across the marina.
The anchorage off the Yacht Club is reported as unsafe following frequent robberies from yachts anchored there.

Tel:+55 85 263 1744
Fax:+55 85 263 2099

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Fortaleza port (Ceara Brazil)
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Fortaleza port (Ceara Brazil)
Marina Park Hotel Fortaleza
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