Todos os Santos Bay (Bahia Brazil)

Todos os Santos Bay (Bahia Brazil)

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Todos os Santos Bay (Bahia Brazil)




The bay of All Saints (Baia de Todos os Santos in Portuguese), also known as "All Saints'Bay" and "Todos os Santos Bay", is the principal bay of the Brazilian state of Bahia, on the eastern coast of Brazil, surrounding part of Bahia's capital Salvador and opening to the Atlantic Ocean.. It is the largest bay in Brazil which offers a multitude of marinas and anchorages.

Cruisers are warned not to visit secluded anchorages in the Bahia de Todos os Santos. It is also strongly recommended that, unless taking up a berth in one of the marinas, vessels should avoid anchoring in the Port area where several armed boardings and robberies have taken place.

For clearance, all the offices are located in the main port. You will be required to check in with the Policia Federal before you proceed to the Capitania Dos Portos. The Policia Federal is located next to the Receita Federal in the main port, ten minute walk from the Capitania. Enter the waterfront side of the port at the passenger terminal (about 200 meters further down), and then backtrack along the waterside of the port to the Policia Federal office (hours 9-12/2-5 Mon-Fri and 9-12 Sat).

Checking in with the Policia Federal is mandatory here.
The staff at both marinas are most helpful and will advise about formalities

Capitania dos Portos
Tel:+55 71 3320-3759 Fax:+55 71 3320-3811 Situated in the white Navy complex next to the harbour. Guard will direct you after seeing your passport and a visitor pass will be issued.

The approach is straight forward and deep, but with surprisingly strong currents in the middle of the bay and also at the northern end. The night approaches are well marked to all the marinas. Beware of wrecks off the cape on the eastern side of the entrance to the bay.

There are a number of yacht clubs in and around Salvador, and repair facilities at some of them are very good as they cater for a large local boating community.
Aratu Iate Clube Rodovia Paripe – CIA, , S/N, Simoes Filho Tel:+55 071 32167444

Bahia Yacht Club Sete de Septembro 3252 , Salvador BA , Brazil CEP 40130 001 Tel:+55 (0)71 3336 9011 ,VHF Channel 16, 68
Todos os Santos Bay (Bahia Brazil)
Todos os Santos Bay (Bahia Brazil)

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Marina Pier Salvador (Bahia)

A friendly marina in the sheltered Itapajipe bay, N of Salvador city. All facilities, laundry, WiFi, chandlery, restaurant, small shop. Nearby bus into the city. Owner speaks English and French and is most helpful. A good place to leave the boat. At LW 1.4m in the approach channel.

Phone: ...
14 Jan 16

Aratu Iate Clube (Aratu Salvador de Bahia))

Towards the bottom of the Bay of All Saints, to starboard, there is a marked channel that leads to the bay of Aratu.
It is from there that share the most contributes regatta Bahia, the place of arrival is Maragogipe, in August, in honor of Saint Bartholomew, the saint patron ...
15 Jan 16

Bahia Marina (Salvador de Bahia)

Bahia Marina offers customers and users complete infrastructure. Consists of:Bowl berth of 176,000 m2;400 wet empty marina spaces on aluminum floating piers, with access control equipped with lampposts, all with electricity and water meters taken at each point to encourage rational ...
14 Jan 16