Bakarski Zaljev Rijeka

Bakarski Zaljev Rijeka

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Bakarski Zaljev Rijeka




Bakarski Zaljev is a bayalmost closed on the continent, and SE of Rijeca N O. Krk. It is entered 6 NM ESE of Rijeka and is accessible by a channel of 0.3 nm wide at its narrowest point.
It is equipped with facilities for cargo.

There is a shipyard in Kraljevica, an oil terminal and bulk handling equipment for cargo on each side near Bakar.
At the SE end, the small port of Bakarac offers a pleasant recreational boaters.

The entrance of Bakarski Zaljev is located between Rt Molnaric at NW and Rt Ostro at SE.

A shoal extends approximately 0.2 NM from the coast to the NW of Rt Ostro. Its NW end is signaled by a green buoy.
A 0.4 NM W of buoy and 0.25 nm SW of Rt Molnaric, an isolated rocky bank, within 10 m of water, can create rough seas in certain conditions.
Some remote areas beyond the coast of Bakarski Zaljev the approach of Bakar.

Winds—Weather.—The bora blows with great violence in the vicinity of Bakarski Zaliv and although the NW part of the basin is protected, the wind coming off the slopes in the S part sometimes renders the entrance impossible to navigation. The bora approaches suddenly, sometimes lasting for two or three days, and then ceases just as rapidly.
The scirocco blows along the axis of the basin and sometimes produces seas which frequently inundate the area.

Bakarski Zaljev est une baie presque fermée sur le continent, au SE de Rijeca et au N d'O. Krk. Elle s'enfonce dans la terre sur 6 NM à l'ESE de Rijeka, et est accessible par un chenal de 0,3 NM de large en son point le plus étroit.

Elle est équipée d'installations pour les cargos.
Il y a un chantier naval à Kraljevica, un terminal pétrolier et des équipements de manutention en vrac pour les cargos sur chaque rive près de Bakar.
A l'extrémité SE, le petit port de Bakarac offre un cadre agréable aux plaisanciers.

L'entrée de Bakarski Zaljev se situe entre Rt Molnaric au NW et Rt Ostro au SE.

Un haut-fond s'étend sur près de 0,2 NM de la côte au NW de Rt Ostro. Son extrémité NW est signalée par une bouée verte.
A 0,4 NM à l'W de la bouée et à 0,25 NM au SW de Rt Molnaric, un banc rocheux isolé, sous 10 m d'eau, peut créer une mer dure dans certaines conditions.
Quelques zones isolées débordent la côte de Bakarski Zaljev à l'approche de Bakar.

Vents—La Bora souffle avec une grande violence dans le voisinage de Bakarski Zaliv et bien que la partie nord-ouest du bassin soit protégée, le vent venant des pentes dans la partie S rend parfois impossible l'entrée à la navigation. La Bora souffle soudainement, parfois durant deux ou trois jours, puis cesse tout aussi rapidement.
Les coups Scirocco souffle le long de l'axe du bassin et parfois produit une mer qui, souvent, inonde la zone.



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Flying distances - Direct line

Tihi kanal

Tihi Kanal, 3 miles long, connects the NW end of Vinodolski Kanal to Rijecki Zaliv.
The channel is deep and tortuous and leads between the mainland and the NE end of Otok Krk.
2 Aug 11

Kanal Vela Vrata

Kanal Vela Vrata connects the N end of Kvarner to Rijecki Zaliv and leads between the N end of Otok Cres, on the E side, and the mainland coast, on the W side.
The channel is deep and clear, the bottom being formed of mud.
31 Jul 11

Otok Plavnik Kvarner

Otok Plavnik lies with Rt Veli Pin, its N extremity, located 0.7 mile E of the E side of Otok Cres and divides Srednja Vrata in its S part into two channels.
This cliffy island is 194m high and partly wooded.
Several small islets lie on a shoal bank which extends about 1.5 miles ...
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Kanal Krusija

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This channel is frequented because of its steep-to shores and deep passage.
A strong current may occasionally be experienced in this channel, depending on local weather conditions, but this passage is recommended over the one leading ...
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Otocic Sveti Marko

Otocic Sveti Marko, barren and light-colored, lies close off the N extremity of Otok Krk and divides the N part of the fairway into two passages.
The main passage leads NE of the island and is 0.2 mile wide. During strong gales, the current in this channel may attain a rate of ...
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Luka Kraljevica Bakarski Z

Kraljevica port is located SE of the entrance to Bakarski Zaljev.
This port, near the refinery is not pleasant.
A large shipyard occupies the W and S of the port and ferries use the public dock. few local boats and fishing boats are on moorings in the E port.
There is very ...
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