Kochi International Marina

Kochi International Marina

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Kochi International Marina


VHF Channel 15
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The Kochi International Marina is a marina in the city of Kochi, located in the eastern coast of the Bolgatty Island.
The Kochi Marina is the only marina in India. It's a modern all-weather port and a rapidly growing maritime gateway to peninsular India.

Port Control must be contacted on both arrival and departure once in the approach channel.
Yachts must anchor for clearance off the steamer point on the north tip of Willingdon Island, opposite the two jetties of the port office and the Malabar Hotel in front of the Port Trust Building.
No one must land before clearing Customs, who will come out in a launch. The captain can then go ashore and clear at the port office (open 1000-1700), where port dues must be paid.

The Customs and Immigration offices must be visited next. Customs will retain the ship's papers until departure and issue a receipt. The Immigration office is near the railway terminus and landing passes may be issued by them, or, as in 2007, only the passports stamped.

After clearance, one may then go to the yacht anchorage south of Bolgatty Island, or the new marina at the Bolgatty Palace Heritage Hotel on the east of Bolgatty Island. Boats drawing more than 6 ft (2 m) should wait for high tide as the channel is shallow in places. Written permission from the Port Captain must be obtained if one moves to another area.

With prior warning, yachts planning to call at Kondo Syokai for repair, can call on them for assistance with clearing.

You can leave your boat in Cochin and travel inland in India. If you want to leave the boat there and travel out of the country, you will need special permission from the authorities in Cochin. The boat must have a guard on board or be stored in a recognised boatyard/workshop.
If planning a day sail from the port, Port Control must be advised in advance, by fax, stating vessel, crew and duration of the trip (in hours).

The Coast Guard are likely to come alongside to check when sailing in the vicinity of the port.

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Contact: Deputy Conservator's Office, Cochin, Tel: 04 84 666871, Fax: 04 84 668163.

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Kochi International Marina
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Not particulary cheap but negotianale for longer term. weather security excellant. access security flakey. starting to take off. e mail me at bryan@mastershipyard.co.in or mjtee@otenet.gr photos to follow. we have b the vasco de gama rally in port at the moment

kerala is the greenest ,cleanest, state in india. english is widely spoken. having travelled india from north to south. with 40 years of travelling in the middle east. its no hassle ,friendly, and every vistor , french included loves the food.but dont, argue with the locals they are mule heads.

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Kochi International Marina
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