Ilha de Maraca and ilha Jipioca (Amapa Brazil)

Ilha de Maraca and ilha Jipioca (Amapa Brazil)

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Ilha de Maraca and ilha Jipioca (Amapa Brazil)


Île / Atoll


Maracá Ecological Station is an ecological station some 5 km offshore of the Brazilian town of Amapá, in the state of the same name, Amapá. The ecological station is entirely located on the 2 adjacent islands Ilha: de Maracá do Norte and Ilha de Maracá do Sul.

The islands have a combined north-south extent of some 40 km (25 mi).

It is reported that depths are not less than 5.5m mud, and that the anchorage is sheltered from the tidal currents and the bore.1.39 Greater depths are to be found farther off the island, but the tidal currents are so strong that an anchorage there would be untenable at springs.

A ship should approach the anchorage from the NNE, giving the N part of the island a berth of at least 4 miles. The W end of the N part of the island can be kept close aboard.

The anchorage is plainly indicated by the opening of Igarape do Inferno. The tide reaches its highest level in Canal de Varador de Maraca about 2 to 3 hours after the beginning of the flood tide.
At the equinoxes, the tide has been observed to rise 10m and tidal currents to run for a short period at a rate of 7 knots. This rate rapidly diminishes within four days after springs. During these periods, there is a heavy sea offshore.

Ilha Jipioca lies about 2 miles N of the S entrance point off Canal Turluri and is inaccessible as it is surrounded by shallow mud banks.

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Ilha de Maraca and ilha Jipioca (Amapa Brazil)
Ilha de Maraca (N Brazil)
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Ilha de Maraca and ilha Jipioca (Amapa Brazil)
Ilha de Maraca and ilha Jipioca (N Brazil)
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