Tanjung Piandang to Port Kelang (Malaysia)

Tanjung Piandang to Port Kelang (Malaysia)

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Tanjung Piandang to Port Kelang (Malaysia)




There is a practically continuous strip of mangrove forest, which varies in width from 0.5 mile to 8 miles between Tanjung Piandang and Tanjung Batu, about 41 miles S.
These mangroves are generally creeping seaward as the deposits from the muddy creeks increase.
Extensive mud banks fringe the coast between Tanjung Piandang and Tanjung Batu.

Ships on passage from Tanjung Piandang to Tanjung Hantu normally keep outside the 20m contourline. Along this track the hills some 10 to 15 miles inshore of the seaward edge of the mangroves are frequently visible and are the only reliable navigational aids between the two points.

From Tanjong Piandang the coast takes a SSE direction to Selinsing Bay, forming several bights fronted by flats with depths of less than 5.5m in places.
On the flats between Pulau Pinang and Kuala Larut there are numerous fishing stakes.

The coast S of Tanjong Pasir to Tanjong Kerang (Tanjong Krang is a mangrove jungle, covered for some distance inland at HWS tide.

Tanjong Kerang is the N entrance point of Kuala Larut, a wide estuary leading E, used only by small craft.

From Kuala Larut to Kuala Jarum Mas, the coast is fronted by a mud bank extending from 5 to 9 miles offshore.

A group of powerful white lights, visible for about 50 miles, is occasionally shown from Gunong Kledang, a summit located about 23 miles E of Kuala Jarum Mas.

Caution.—Numerous fish traps and stakes are situated within the 10m contour line from W of Pulau Terung to Tanjung Hantu.


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