Tiladummati Atoll (Haa-Dhaalu) (Maldives)

Tiladummati Atoll (Haa-Dhaalu) (Maldives)

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Tiladummati Atoll (Haa-Dhaalu) (Maldives)


Île / Atoll


Thiladhunmati Atoll (Tiladummati in the Admiralty Charts) is a very open, atypical atoll without a clearly delimited lagoon. It stretches SSW for 76 km and contains nearly forty islands generally of a fair size.
Tiladummati Atoll consists of about 40 islands and islets; most lie farther apart and are larger than those in the Maldives farther S. 
The islands in the NE part of the atoll are the largest.

There are fewer islets but more reefs on the W side of the atoll than on the E side.
The passages through the barrier reef on the W side are navigable but should be avoided. Safe passages leading into the lagoon are on the E side of the atoll, but the vessel must be conned from aloft.

Caution.— Aerial photographs show the shapes and size of islands to differ substantially from surveys originally dated from 1940. In addition, some features charted as reefs are, in some cases, dry at HW and wooded.
Makunudu Atoll is administred as part of Tiladummati Atoll.
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Flying distances - Direct line

Makunudu Atoll

Makunudu Atoll is separated from the NW side of Miladummadulu Atoll by a deep channel, about 9 miles wide. Two openings on the E face of the lagoon can only be used by boats.Faro Doru (Defarudorhi), an islet on the E side of the atoll, about 6 miles SSW of Makundu, ...
4 Nov 11
JB Antibes

Maduni Faro (N Tiladummati)

Maduni Faro, a lagoon reef, forms the NW extremity of the atoll.
The islets of Marandu, Tukandu, and Miledu, the first two inhabited in 1970, lie, respectively, on the barrier reef between the N end of Maduni Faro and the islet of Gafuri, about 5 miles ESE. Gafuri ...
25 Oct 11

Muradu (S Tiladummati)

Muradu lies on a circular reef near the W edge of the atoll; the latest maps prepared from aerial photography (1968) show that this island has joined the islet charted 0.8 mile W of it.Some rocky patches lie S and SE of Muradu.
27 Oct 11
JB Antibes

Kelai (N Tiladummati)

Kelai, at the NE extremity of the atoll, was inhabited in 1970. Good radar returns have been reported from Kelai at 14 miles. The islet of Tinadu lies about 3 miles WSW of Kelai.
25 Oct 11
JB Antibes