Nai Harn (Phuket)

Nai Harn (Phuket)

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A nice protected anchorage and the location of the Phuket Yacht Club/Meridian Hotel.
There actually is no yacht club just the Meridian high-class expensive resort.
The bay is quite isolated from the central tourist areas and transport to and from can be a problem, particularly at night.
Exercise caution to avoid submerged rocks at the NW side of the bay.

The Kings Cup races (apart from the Ko Phi Phi to Nai Harn Race) all start from Nai Harn so the bay is full (50+) of boats during the Kings Cup week. During this week the local restaurants and stalls increase their prices up to five times the normal tourist area prices so provision elsewhere during this period.
Best method to get around is after arrival caught a minibus to Phuket Town, approx. 20 Km to the north, and rent a scooter for around USD 5 per day. Small Suzuki 4WD can also be rented for approx. USD 15 per day. Scooters and cars can be safely parked overnight in the car park on the edge of the beach. Motor cycle licenses are not required but the rental companies insist on holding your passport during the rental period. This can be a problem if you need to cash travelers cheques where your passport is required. Helmets are required everywhere however outside Phuket Town most people do not use them. If two handing and only one helmet available then the driver must wear the helmet. I did the opposite with my son on the back and got pinched in Phuket Town. They average a death and 10 serious accidents a day so helmets are highly recommended. Scooter prices in Phuket Town are cheaper than the major tourist areas, where prices increase to USD 20 per day during the peak Xmas/New Year period. When wind gets up (25-35 kts) during this period you can get bullets off the surrounding hills so anchor setting is important.

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Nai Harn (Phuket)
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Nai Harn (Phuket)
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