Car Nicobar islands (India)

Car Nicobar islands (India)

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Car Nicobar islands (India)


Île / Atoll


Car Nicobar island, or PU in the local langage, the N island of the group, lies about 77 miles SSE of Little Andaman Island. 
The island is densely wooded, mostly coconut trees.

The island has been reported to be a good radar target up to14 miles.

The Car Nicobar is a very small Island, if compared with the Middle Andaman or South Andaman. The area of Car Nicobar Island is around 127 Sq km. There are clusters of 15 villages, which are inhabited areas, the largest being Malacca.

The 15 villages of Car Nicobar Island include Mus, Kinmai, Small Lapathy, Big Lapathy, Tapoiming,Chukchucha, Kinyuka, Tamalu, Perka, Malacca, Kakana, Kimius, Arong, Sawai and Titop.

The Car Nicobar Island was ravaged by the 2004 tsunami. Car Nicobar lies 750 km (465 miles) from the epicenter of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, and the resultant tsunamis struck it with immense force and witnesses reported that the waves were as high as 30 ft (9 m).
As of December 30, 2004, the number of casualties is actually unknown, but seemed likely to be high. One survivor told the Associated Press that there was not a single hut, which was standing. Most of the people went up to the hills and were afraid to come down.

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Car Nicobar islands (India)
Car Nicobar islands (Indian)
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