Diving ALDive Dominica

Diving ALDive Dominica

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Diving ALDive Dominica


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Live unforgettable moments with the amazing new nautical entertainment offered by Green Island Watersports.
From Water skis to the Banana, Wake boards and Bumpers, freedom and fun are there for the young and old on the beautiful waters of Loubiere Bay or Soufriere Bay. Pleasure and entertainment are guaranteed!!
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ALDive & W.A.T.E.R.Sports is a new specialty dive and water sports center and has already been doing private diving with passengers and crew of yachts. This is a small family company where Billy Lawrence is the instructor and his local knowledge and experience as well as a solid list of dive-related certifications, makes him a leader in the dive industry on an international level.
Although in Dominica you can't go diving on your own the supervised shore dives (a most affordable option for the budget conscious traveler or crew member) will have you and your buddy diving just off the shop on the shallow reef. It's also where you can discover scuba or maybe a full scuba certification course or dive specialty. Kayak-Diving consists of a buddy team (on single kayaks equipped with their dive gear) that kayaks along the coast for about: 15 to a supervised dive on Solomon reef. This dive site is outside of the reserve and even though the rules still apply will leave you with a true sense of discovery. Then there is the SSMR for which you pay an additional fee to dive.
Dive into a submerged crater on the south end of the island. The most dramatic and vertical diving in Dominica with walls, pinnacles and drop-offs on nearly all the sites. There are also underwater caves, swim-troughs, wreck diving, drift diving and diving around the point into the Atlantic. At one famous reef site, gas bubbles and hot fresh water vents give the illusion that you are swimming through a glass of warm champagne. They can pick up and drop off guests from yacht, as requested or you can dinghy or water taxied over to the facility. Their main boat is an ex-coast guard 28' Boston Wailer outrage with brand new twin 90hp four-stroke outboards and custom equipped for a max of 8 divers. Other small modified vessels can be made available if necessary. All tours are small, catering for couples and small groups. The property also has a bar and lounge where after hours the dive stories get even better.
Someone can be contacted almost anytime.
Contacts - VHF Ch.16/69
Tel: ALDive (767) 275-3483 or 440 3483
Tel: Gilles (French) (767) 265-1510 Website: www.aldive.com e-mail: aldive@aldive.com
N 15 16.758 W 61 22.478

Antilles - West Indies

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Flying distances - Direct line

Anchorage Hotel Roseau (La Dominique)

Anchorage HotelRoseau est la capitale de La Dominique. Il est interdit de mouiller devant le Deepwater Port sans l'autorisation préalable des autorités portuaires dont la demande se fait par VHF canal 16. De plus, l'eau n'y est pas très claire.
Préférez le mouillage de l'Anchorage ...
6 Oct 09

Baie de la Soufrière (La Dominique)

Attention à Scotts Head: les brisants s'étendent même plus loin qu'indiqué sur la carte. Au moins 300 m. Evitez la rade de Soufrière et surtout la côte entre Soufrière et Scotts Head Village: têtes de corail nombreuses et non cartographiées.

Le mouillage de Scotts
Head ...
6 Oct 09

Capesterre Belle Eau (Basse Terre)

Son nom provient d'une expression de la marine du XVIIe siècle : cab-est-terre, qui désigne une terre exposée au vent de l'est ; l'abondance des cascades, des rivières et des plans d'eau lui vaut par ailleurs l'adjonction du complément Belle Eau.Le 4 novembre 1493, ...
27 Sep 09

Goyave (Pointe à Pitre)

Goyave est située à l'est de la Basse-Terre et intégrée à l'agglomération de Pointe-à-Pitre. La commune de Goyave est composée d'un bourg principal et de plusieurs
Hameaux et Lieux dits que sont notamment Sarcelle, La Rose, Blonzac, Morne Rouge et Sainte Claire.Elle tient ...
27 Sep 09

Sainte Anne (Grande Terre)

Sainte-Anne est située au milieu de la côte sud de Grande-Terre. Ses plages sont protégées des courants de l'Atlantique par une barrière de corail.Un village typiquement antillais encore peu connu des touristes.
Anne possède, sans conteste, les deux plus belles ...
28 Sep 09

Archipel des Saintes (Guadeloupe)

Les Saintes sont un petit chapelet d'îlets faisant partie de l'archipel de Guadeloupe. Elles se trouvent à environ 15 M au N de La Dominique et 6 M au S de la Guadeloupe.Il est composé de deux îles habitées très montagneuses :Terre-de-HautTerre-de-Bas
Et de sept autres ...
6 Oct 09