Camorta island (India)

Camorta island (India)

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Camorta island (India)


Île / Atoll


Camorta Island, separated from Tillanchang Dwip to the NNE by a channel about 12 miles wide, is very irregular in shape and hilly. Its aera is 188 km².
A 52m hill lies close to the NE end of the island; a 186m high hill lies 1 mile N of the S end of the island. A 132m hill lies at the SE end of a range of hills that extends 4 miles SE from a position 1 mile SE of the NW end of the island. Mount Edgecumbe, a tree-covered hill 109m high, lies about 4.3 miles N of the S end of the island.
Several villages and huts lie along the shores of the island. The W coast is indented by bays which form Dring Harbor and Expedition Harbor.
The NE coast of Camorta Island has not been closely examined.
The SE side of the island is separated from Trinkat Island by Beresford Channel.

A coral bank, with depths of 25.6 to 27.4m, lies about 6 miles ENE of Horace Point, the N extremity of Camorta Island.

Tides—Currents.—The tidal currents off the E coast of Camorta Island, between a position about 2 miles WNW of the NW end of that island and a position between the entrances of Expedition and Nancowry Harbors, set S on the flood and N on the ebb. At springs, the N current attains a rate of 3 knots about 2 to 3 miles offshore. The S current attains a rate of 0.8 to 1.3 knots. At neaps, the N current attains a rate of 0.8 to 1.3 knots and the S current a rate of 0.3 to 0.8 knot.
At springs, tide rips frequently occur at various places all along the coast at variable distances offshore.
The W coast of Camorta Island, between Horace Point and Kaihoa Village, almost 3.8 miles SW, is reef-fringed up to 0.5 mile offshore. From the village the coast extends SW for 1.3 miles and then S for 7.5 miles to Cave Point, the N entrance point of Expedition Harbor.

Dring Harbor, which is available only to boats, is entered 2.3 miles N of Cave Point.
A 22m shoal lies about 6.5 miles NW of Cave Point.

The coast, between Satellite Point, the S entrance point of Expedition Harbor, and Reef Point, the S extremity of the island, is fringed by a narrow reef. This latter point is the N entrance point of the W entrance of Nancowry Harbor.

Perseus Reef extends about 0.8 mile W from the NW end of the island. A shoal, as defined by the 20m curve, extends about 1.8 miles NW from the same point.

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