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Stevns - DK

Stevns - DK



Stevns Lighthouse

The first lighthouse at Stevns was built in 1818 by Poul Løvenørn the end of the lighthouse's building inspector who was on top of Stevns Klint. It was not a tower, but merely an extension. In 1878 entered this a new 27 meter high lighthouse. The lighthouse is built of limestone in a 1/2 feet tall granite plinth. The tower is then jointed, plastered and whitewashed. But the old lighthouse from 1818 still stands beside the new lighthouse.

By: Holger Novotny Thomsen


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Moen - DK

Moen Lighthouse
With a growing traffic in the middle of the 1800s increased the need for demarcation of the Danish coasts. In 1845 the lighthouse was the maid garnish turned south and followed a few years after the lighthouse on Dasser Ort in Mecklenburg coast. The 13 meter high ...
15 Dec 09


Small port protected by a breakwater.
4 Aug 11


Nyhavn which means "New harbour" in Danish is a canal situated in the Copenhagen center. It has been built at the end of XVII and is now one of the most famous place in the city. The commercial boats are now replaced by beautiful sailing boats. Along the harbour there are many restaurant. ...
26 Sep 10

The Little Mermaid

The famous little Mermaid of Eriksen in danish "den lille havfrue" 
26 Sep 10


Largeharbor protected by a breakwater.
30 Jul 11

Tarapur Point (W India)

Tarapur Point is bordered by foul ground extending about 0.8 mile W; a narrow reef extendsabout 2.8 miles NNW from the N extremity of the point.
A light is shown from a white square masonry tower, 23m high with black bands, on the N extremity of the point.
1 Mar 12

Oresund bridge

From both sides of the Øresund trait, the bridge is a striking spectacle.
The 204 m high pylons are visible from far away. The Øresund fixed link is 16 km long and consists of a 8 km long bridge, a tunnel and an artificial island. You can cross the bridge either by car or by train
26 Sep 10

Vedbaek Havn

Vedbaek harbor is situated in the city of Rudersdal.
28 Sep 10


The Rungsted harbor is situated in the city of Horsholm on the Danish Riviera
28 Sep 10


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28 Sep 10

Niva havn

Nivå Bådelaug
Nivå Strandpark 19
2990 Nivå
Telefon: 4914 6618
Telefax: 4914 6697
25 Jul 11

Roskilde Harbour

The harbour is situated at the bottom of Roskilde FjordThere are plenty of activities at the marina and the adjacent museum of Viking boats and its harbour
The harbour provides the following facilities: Diesel supply, slip-way, crane, rigging-sheers, BBQ area, playground, ...
15 Jul 11
Local Area

Baltic sea

The Baltic Sea is located in Northern Europe. It is bounded by the Scandinavian Peninsula, the mainland of Europe, and the Danish islands.
The Baltic sea is about 1600 km  long, an average of 193 km wide, and an average of 55 m  deep. The maximum depth ...
25 Jul 11

NE Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest of the world's oceanic divisions; with a total area of about 106.4 million square kilometres (41.1 million square miles), it covers approximately one-fifth of the Earth's surface.
The Atlantic Ocean has irregular coasts indented by numerous ...
31 Jul 11


Øresund en Danish or Öresund in swedish is the sound situated between Denmark and Sweden. More precisely between the Seeland island and Scania. Oresund is the link between Baltic sea in the south and Kattegat sound in North sea direction.It is 8km long and between 3 and 4 km large. ...
29 Sep 10


Rügen is the largest island of Germany with over twelve “Bodden” (lagoon-like waters) connected up to each other by small bays. West winds dominate and high seas have to be expected.
26 Jun 14

Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago ... over 30,000 islets and islands / rocks to enjoy. Unspoilt and clean - a paradise for cruising boats who enjoy natural surroundings. Unhurried and friendly.
Sailor remarks
Initial impression when looking at charts of the Archipelago tend to frighten ...
26 Jul 11

Gulf of Riga

 The maximum depth of the Gulf of Riga is 67 m. The island of Saaremaa (Estonia) partially separates it from the rest of the Baltic Sea. The main exit out of the gulf is the Irbe Strait. Ruhnu island, in the middle of the gulf, also belongs to Estonia. Notable cities in this ...
26 Jul 11
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