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Pulau Banyak (Banjak) (W Sumatra)


Pulau Banyak (Banjak) (W Sumatra)



The Banjak Islands, consisting of a group of islands more than 50 in number, extend from 13 miles NW to 38 miles W of Singkil. The three largest of the islands are Pulau Toeangkoe, Pulau Bangkaroe and Pulau Oedjoeng Batoe, besides which there are many islets with deepwater channels interspersed with rocks between them.

Pulau Bangkaroe (Pulau Bangkaru), the southwesternmost of Banjak, is mountainous, attaining a height of 303m. Along the E coast, off the spurs of the mountain ridges, is a strip of low land which is overgrown with mangroves.

The N, W, and S coasts are bold and the spurs of the mountains extend to the sea.

Between Pulau Bangkaroe and Pulau Babi, 23 miles to the W, the channel is deep and considered to be clear of dangers; it is recommended to keep to the Pulau Bangkaroe side.

The channel between Pulau Bangkaroe and Pulau Toeangkoe is about 5 miles wide with deep water, and free from danger to within 0.5 mile of either side.

Pulau Toeangkoe (Pulau Tuangku), the largest island of the group, is hilly and mountainous. The E side is low and overgrown with mangroves, with several bays in which there is sufficient depth of water; the channels leading to them between outlying reefs are mostly dangerous. Two conspicuous summits rise on the N coast and form good landmarks.

Pulau Palambak (Palambak Islands) lies off the E coast of Pulau Toeangkoe, with numerous reefs extending to the NW.
The N coast is fronted by numerous reefs and islands located up to 6 miles offshore.

Pulau Oedjoeng Batoe (Pulau Udjungbatu), about 10 miles N of Pulau Palambak, is completely surrounded by an extensive reef, and the individual islands mutually connected by coast reefs, which are largely dry at LW.
The passages between these islands are practicable for small craft only.

Between Pulau Oedjoeng Batoe and the islands and reefs extending N from Pulau Toeangkoe is a deep channel about 3 miles wide.
East of the reef and foul ground extending about 2 miles NE of Pulau Oedjoeng Batoe is a deep channel about 4 miles wide, said to be one of the best passages between the Banjak Islands, but there are several shoal heads in the E part.

Djawi Djawi (Jawi-Jawi), the NE of the Banjak Islands, lies about 9 miles E of Pulau Oedjoeng Batoe and about 6 miles W of the Sumatera coast. It is low and sandy, with a few shrubs, and may possibly be seen from a distance of 11 miles. It is surrounded by a large reef, of which the outer edge is always marked by discolored water and overfalls, a few rocks are also visible.

On the N side, between two sand flats which show above water, is a passage through which small craft may reach the shore.
East and W of Djawi Djawi are numerous shoals; to the W are a few sand flats.

Vessels proceeding N from or S to Singkil can use the channel between Djawi Djawi and the drying patch located about 2.2 miles E of the island. As the reef surrounding Djawi Djawi is always visible, vessels should favor the W side of the channel, taking care to avoid the 6.9m patch about 2 miles NNE of the island.

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