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Kijang port (Bintan-Indonesia)


Kijang port (Bintan-Indonesia)



Kijang, a bauxite port, is situated about 3 miles N of the S entrance of Selat Kijang.
Timber products and general cargoes are also handled.


Tidal currents can be strong by Tanjung Tili at the S entrance to Selat Kijang, setting across the channel towards Pulau Siulung. A rate of 3.5 knots has been observed.
Off the bauxite terminal the rate can reach 6 knots.


There is no quay at the bauxite terminal.
Ships moor alongside dolphins and two jetties. Vessels up to 180m long, with a maximum beam of 27m and a maximum draft of 10m, can be accommodated.

There are tidal currents of up to 6 knots at the berth. Numerous wrecks lie stranded on the foreshore within 0.5 mile N and S of the jetties.

The Sea Communication Wharf is 50m in length, with a depth of 8m alongside. The wharf is used for passenger and general cargo vessels.

Plywood is worked at the Korindo Abadi Wharf, which has a length of 200m and a depth alongside of 8m.

Granite barges are worked at the Wirah Indah Kencana Wharf, which is situated 1 mile N of the bauxite terminal. This wharf has a depth alongside of 7m.


Pilotage is compulsory. Vessels should send their ETA 48 hours and 24 hours in advance. The pilot station for vessels approaching from the W is situated close SSE of No. 4.
Lighted Buoy, S of Tanjung Tili. Vessels should arrive no later than 1800.

For vessels approaching from the E, the pilot is embarked 1 mile ESE of Pulau Temborah Laut. Vessels arriving from the E should arrive before 1600.

Permission must be obtained to enter Selat Kijang.


The following tidal signals are shown from the wharf at Kijang:

1. A cylinder, with a cone, point up, above it, indicates that the tidal current is flowing in.
2. A cylinder, with a cone, point up, above it, and a cone, point down, below it, indicates that the tidal current is flowing out.

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