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Karwar Port (W India)


Karwar Port (W India)



Karwar is a lighterage port on the SE side of Karwar Bay. Karwar is also a seaside town situated on the banks of the Kali river.
Karwar port is located in Baithkol area of Karwar town on the edge of Karwar bay. The bay's mountain range opposite the port towards the Arabian Sea protects the ships berthed at the port from the sea waves, which makes Karwar among the best natural harbours in the world.


The average maximum tide rise is 1.6m MHWS and 0.7m at MHWN.


A channel, abount 2.5 miles long, 150m wide, and dredged to a minimum depth of 10.0m to as deep as 10.7m, leads to the Baitkal Cove, where the alongsidewharf facilities for Karwar are located.
The channel is marked by ranges. There is a turning circle dredged to a depth of at least 10m at the junction between the approach channel and Baitkal Cove.

On the SE side of Baitkal Cove is a quay, 560m long, divided into two berths. One berth,  355m in length, can accomodate two vessels with a maximum draft of 9.75m; the other berth is a lighterage wharf, 205m in length, dredged to a depth of 2.5m alongside. A stone masonry wharf, nearly 244m in length with an alongside depth of 2.5m, is located in the NW side of Baitkol Cove.

Tel: +91 838 2221342 or +91 838 2221494
Fax: +91 838 2228918

Anchorage depth: 9.4m - 10mCargo pier depth: 6.4m - 7.6m
Max size: Up to 500 feet in length


Pilotage is compulsory and available 24 hours.
Pilots are contacted on VHF channels 10, 12, and 16.

Vessels waiting for the pilot to board may anchor about 0.65 mile SSE of Oyster Rocks Light, in a depth of about 12m, soft mud and sand.


Cargo operations at the anchorage are suspended during the Southwest Monsoon period (May-September.)
Baitkal Cove provides year-round all-weather operations.

The vessel should send its ETA 48 hours in advance.


Vessels approaching or entering Karwar Bay, either by day or night, should have no difficulty after having made Oyster Rocks Light.

Approaching from N, pass on either side of Sunghiri Island (Shimishgudda Island) according to draft.
The SW extremity of Kurmagad Island (Kurmagagudda Island), bearing 131° in range with Guddehalli Betta, leads SW of Loliem Rock.

At night, steer for Port Karwar Light, bearing 124°, if proceeding to the inner anchorage.

The E end of Mogeraguda Island in range with the W end of Anjadip Island bearing 154°, barely leads clear of, by less than 0.2 mile, the dangers E of Oyster Rocks.
If approaching from S, pass between Oyster Rocks and Karwar Head. The summits of Kurmagadgudda Island and Ramnathguda, in range bearing 036°, lead clear of the dangers E of Oyster Rocks; a white framework tower stands on the summit of the island.

The principal anchorage for working cargo (October-April) is in the SE portion of Karwar Bay, in a depth of about 7m, soft mud.

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