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Wisteria Island (Florida Keys)

Wisteria Island (Florida Keys)



Island, also known as Christmas Tree Island, is a privately-owned. It is located 280 yards (260 m) north-northeast of Sunset Key (Tank
Island), its closest neighbor.

Large numbers of liveaboard boats are moored near the island, which has recently become the center of a debate over development.

The nickname Christmas Tree Island comes from the large number of Australian pine (casuarina) trees that grow there.

Wisteria Island was created in the late 1890s and early 1900s as the result of U.S. Navy dredging of Key West harbor.

Island, également connu comme l'île Christmas Tree, est une propriété privée qui est située à 280 yards (260 m) au nord-nord-est de Sunset
Key (Tank Island), sa plus proche voisine.
Un grand nombre de bateaux de croisière sont amarrés à proximité de l'île, qui est récemment devenue le centre d'un débat sur le développement.

Son surnom de Christmas Tree vient du grand nombre de Filao, arbres qui poussent sur cette île.

Island a été créé dans la fin des années 1890 et début des années 1900 comme le résultat du dragage du port de Key West.

Wisteria Island (Florida Keys)
Wisteria Island (Florida Keys)
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The island and bridge ...
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Wisteria Island Northwesterly anchorage (Florida Keys)

Northwesterly anchorage of Wisteria Island in 6 feet depth.
Give attention at  wrecks in W offshore from the island.Wide open to northern, northeastern, western and southwestern winds.
5 Mar 10

Wisteria Island Eastern anchorage (Florida Keys)

We can anchor E of Wisteria Island, to the W of the main ship channel, in minimum depth of 8 feet. Open to southern, northern and northeasterly winds.Anchoring in the vicinity of Key West Bight Channel Light 2, between KeyWest Bight Channel and the shoreline, is not recommended ...
5 Mar 10

Tank Island (Sunset Key) (Florida)

The United States Navy constructed Tank Island to serve as a fuel tank depot during the Cold War. Dredging began in 1965 to form the island as well as to build passageways for submarines and other large vessels. However, the Navy's plans changed and the island saw little military ...
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The northerly half is privately owned by a condominium development.
The southerly half is operated by the Key West Department of Transportation as a cruise ship terminal.
Two ...
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Ocean key Resort and Marina (Key West)

Nestled between Key West Harbor and Mallory Square.
Phone: 305.296.7701
Fax: 305.292.7685
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Galleon Resort and Marina (Key West)

Galleon Marina occupies Key West Bight's northwestern corner.
Fax: 305-294-0653
91 slipss for yachts up to 140 feet.
Excellent shelter.
Depth: 9 feet minimum
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Westin Resort and Marina (Key West)

The Westin Key West Resort & Marina is ideally located in "Old Town" Key West on the waterfront.
The Westin also operates one of the country's largest private ports, welcoming cruise ships from around the world.
Phone: (866) 756-1585
Depth: 13 feet minimum
9 Mar 10
Local Area

Key West (Florida)

A W current, counter to the prevailing E set of the Gulf Stream, at times exceeding 1 knot, has been reported in the vicinity of Key West Entrance Lighted Whistle Buoy.
In the S approaches to Key West within the 10-fathom  curve currents are weak and variable.
In the main ...
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Stock Island (Florida Keys)

Stock Island is an island in the lower Florida Keys immediately east of Key West (separated from Key West by Cow Key Channel, which is only about 75 yards (70 m) wide).Immediately northwest is Key Haven (official name Raccoon Key), from which it is connected by causeway with US 1 ...
19 Mar 10
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