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Uvala Vela Stiniva Hvar

Uvala Vela Stiniva Hvar



Around 5 NM E of Jelsa is the spectacular inlet of Vela Stiniva. This high sided bay measures approximately 100 metres in width and runs about 300 metres south between towering cliffs. At its south end is a narrow pebble beach, which is clean and usually quite. In front of this on the east side of the bay is a short concrete jetty that is usually occupied by several large local fishing boats.

The bay is an idyllic spot and great for a lunch stop, but is exposed to winds from the North-west, North and North-east, and given the confines of its width may be uncomfortable or dangerous in the wrong weather.

Anchor around halfway down its length in 10-20 metres of water or closer in near the pier in 4-7 metres of water. Those intending to stay for any extended period should consider a line ashore and there four stone bollards on the shore and a platform on the west side of the inlet.

Uvala Vela Stiniva Hvar
Uvala Vela Stiniva Hvar
A environ 5 NM à l'E de Jelsa se trouve la baie spectaculaire de Vela Stiniva. Cette baie, entourée de falaises abruptes, mesure environ 100 mètres de large et s'étend sur environ 300 mètres au sud entre les falaises. A son extrémité sud se trouve une étroite plage de galets, propre et en général tranquille. En face de celle-ci, sur le côté E de la baie, une jetée en béton est habituellement occupée par plusieurs grands bateaux de pêche locaux.
La baie est un endroit idyllique et parfait pour une pause déjeuner, mais elle est exposée aux vents du NW, N et NE, et, à cause de son étroitesse, peut devenir inconfortable ou dangereuse par mauvais temps.
On mouille à mi-chemin sur sa longueur par 10-20 mètres d'eau ou à proximité de l'embarcadère par 4-7 mètres d'eau. Ceux qui souhaitent séjourner sur une longue période doivent envisager une ligne à terre, il y a quatre bornes de pierre sur la rive et une plate-forme sur le côté ouest de la baie.
Uvala Vela Stiniva Hvar
Uvala Vela Stiniva Hvar
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Starogradski Zaljev Hvar

Starogradski is a large deep bay, open to the NW, which houses the city and the port of Stari Grad on its SE end.
There are several bays, including its N side, where it is possible to anchor. On the other side there is an anchor in front Gradisce.
31 May 11

Otoci Pakleni

Plakeni islands, or Cursed Islands, are located at the W and S of Hvar town.

The islands are rocky, covered with bushes and trees. They are usually deserted, except in summer.
They offer many choices of moorings sheltered and there is a marina Palmizana.The islands'name ...
26 May 11

Otok Scedro Hvar

Otok Scedro lies 3 miles E of Hridi Lukavci.
It is 2,7 km off the S coast of island of Hvar.The inhabited island is elevated at each end and slopes towards the sea in the middle. Its coastline includes many coves where you can get wet. The two most popular are Uvala Uvala Lovisce ...
25 May 11

Uvala Vela Luka Korcula

Zaljev Vela Luka is a large bay on the E O. Korcula. Many coves occupy the bay. At the bottom of it is the port of Vela Luka, an active and well sheltered.
Easily identifiable by day or night, you can enter this great bay in all weather.
Dangers in the general approach are the ...
21 May 11

Uvala Mala Stiniva Hvar

Mala Stiniva Bay is famous for its picturesque cliffs which fall sheer into the sea is composed of two coves separated by a rock.
We anchored for a lunch stop in this beautiful setting.
2 Jun 11

Pakleni Kanal

Pakleni Kanal lies between Pakleni Otoci and Otok Hvar.
It is a deep and wide channel, with access at both ends, which leads to Luka Hvar.
This channel is frequented by small vessels with local knowledge and affords good shelter from the bora, although heavy squalls may be encountered.
The ...
30 May 11

Uvala Pokrivenik Hvar

Large bay, on N coast of Hvar, between Tanki point and Zarace point, open to N and NE with veral coves where you can stop for lunch.
Navigate well around Tanki Rat (NW tip) for funding of less than 3 m beyond.
The point of entry E (Rt Zarac) should not be approached too closely ...
2 Jun 11

Otocic Plocica

Otocic Plocica lies 4.7 miles SE of the E extremity of Otok Scedro. This small islet is 12m high and is surrounded by rocks.
A light is shown from a prominent structure, 25m high, standing on this islet.
25 May 11

Luka Jelsa Hvar

Jelsa is a small town situated on the north and south coast in the middle part of the island of Hvar.
On the north coast there is 21 mooring, and on the south coast there is 33 mooring. The port is adequate for cruisers up do 52 meters, and sailboats up to 30 meters in length. Jelsa ...
25 Jun 19

Otok Ciovo

Ciovo is an island in the center of the Dalmatian archipelago. This is an area of 28.8 acres (15.3 km length, width of 3.5 km). It culminates at 218 m (Mount Rudin).
O. Ciovo forms the SW side of the entrance and inner part of Kastelanski Zaliv.
At East side, Ciovo is 2km from ...
7 Aug 11

Uvala Studena (Brac)

Anchorage in 8 m of water and take a line ashore.
5 Jul 11

Svjetionik Zecevo Hvar

Coming from N or E, the lighthouse located NE of O. Zecevo identifies the island.
1 Jun 11
Local Area

Hvarski Kanal

Hvarski Kanal, which is 1.8 miles wide at its narrowest part, leads between the N side of Otok Hvar and the S side of Otok Brac.
Although this channel is deep and clear, it is seldom used except by vessels proceeding to Makarska from the W.
2 Jun 11

Splitsko-dalmatinska županija (Split-Dalmatia County)

Split Dalmatia county covers theS  part of Dalmatia. The main town is Split, Croatia's second largest city by population and it is the largest city in Dalmatia.
Split is situated on a peninsula between the part E of the Gulf of Kastela and the Split Channel.
The city is ...
4 Aug 11

Dalmacija (Dalmatie)

Dalmatia (Croatian Dalmacija, Italian Dalmazzia) is a coastal region of Croatia along the Adriatic, stretching from the island of Pag in the northwest, the Bay of Kotor (Montenegro) to the south East.
It extends 350 km along the east coast of the Adriatic Sea about 60 km wide, ...
28 Mar 11


Winds:Do not underestimate the winds, especially bura (bora) in the Gulf of Kvarner and the Velebit channel. Other winds are more "lenient" but their strength varies in intensity from north to south along the coast. For example, the "Mistral" (Mistral) which is especially nice ...
19 Aug 11

Adriatic East

Winds—WeatherBora is the name of the cold and dry NE or N wind which blows with great strength and affects the Adriatic Sea in the cool season. It is much less frequent and generally much weaker in summer. This wind is felt strongly along both sides of the Adriatic and is especially ...
30 Jul 11

Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is a body of water separating the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula, and is a part of the Mediterranean Sea. The western coast is Italian, while the eastern coast runs mostly along Croatia, but lesser parts belong to Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, ...
16 Jul 12
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