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Uvala Stupin Rogoznica

Uvala Stupin Rogoznica



Possibility to anchor in this bay at the bottom of Rogoznica by 8/10m.

Good shelter conditions.

Uvala Stupin Rogoznica
2011:08:07 18:14:12
On peut mouiller au fond de la baie de Rogoznica par 8 à 10 m.

Très bien abritée.

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Sites around Uvala Stupin Rogoznica
Flying distances - Direct line

NE Rogoznica

Anchoring facility NE of Rogoznica close to the road connecting the island to the main land.
9 Aug 11

Luka Rogoznica

The municipal harbour, in front of the town, on the island, has a part reserved for fishing boats.
Tel: O22 559900
Fax: 559932
8 Aug 11

Frapa marina Rogoznica

The marina is located in the cove to the W of the bay.
Good protection.
Tel: +385 22 559900
Fax: +385 22 559932
300 b (<80 m)
16 Aug 11

North Rt Gradina Rogoznica

Mooring buoys (not free) at the south of the Marina.
9 Aug 11

Luka Grebastica

Grebastica is an inlet of 3 NM long, at 3 NM N of Primosten. Luka Grebastica is bordered on the N by Ostrica peninsula on which a wall was built to defend the village from the Turks.The breeze blows in the afternoon in the bay and there are only two sheltered anchorages. The ...
21 Jun 11

Uvala Kakola

Mouillage par 10m de fond, protégé du nord et bien ouvert au sud.
9 Aug 11

Uvala Kanica

Important bay of two coves. The NW one offers in the bottom fiew places to anchor. The middle is quite deep, you have to anchor on the sides and secure ashore.
16 Aug 11

Otocic Melevrin

Otocic Melevrin, over which the sea often breaks, lies 0.5 mile ESE of Rt Ploca.
16 Aug 11

Rt Konj Rogoznica

Rt Konj, 35m high, is located 0.6 mile N of Rt Movar and is the NW extremity of a small promontory.It is Rogoznica Uvala's entry.
8 Aug 11

Otocic Smokvica Vela and Mala

Otocic Smokvica Vela and Mala lies 0.5 mile NW of Rt Movar. A small islet and several rocks lie on a shoal bank which extends up to about 0.5 mile NNE of the N end of this islet.
8 Aug 11

Rt Ploca

Rt Ploca, located 3 miles NW of Otocic Arkandel and marked by a light, is a steep headland which consists of whitish rock. It is surmounted by the conspicuous ruins of a chapel and fringed by rocks.
A hill, standing 0.8 mile NNW of the headland, is prominent from seaward because ...
16 Aug 11

Rt Movar

Rt Movar, a round hilly headland, is located 4.5 miles NW of the W entrance to Drvenicki Kanal which leads E to Split.
The coast to the N of this headland is considerably indented, bordered by numerous islets and shoals, and is backed by bare and rugged mountainous terrain.
16 Aug 11
Local Area

Uvala Rogoznica

Wide bay sheltered from all winds, with multiple opportunities for mooring anchor. A marina excellent high-end with all services but expensive.
In the middle of the bay lies the island, connected to the mainland by a causeway, on which the village of Rogoznica is built. An old ...
8 Aug 11

Šibensko-kninska županija (Šibenik-Knin County)

Sibenik-Knin county is located in north-central Dalmatia. The Šibenik Riviera is a hundred kilometres long coastal belt from Rogoznica to Drage in the Zadar County. Its center is Šibenik.Known locally as Sibensko-Kninska Zupanija, Sibenik county contains one of Croatia’s most ...
3 Aug 11

Dalmacija (Dalmatie)

Dalmatia (Croatian Dalmacija, Italian Dalmazzia) is a coastal region of Croatia along the Adriatic, stretching from the island of Pag in the northwest, the Bay of Kotor (Montenegro) to the south East.
It extends 350 km along the east coast of the Adriatic Sea about 60 km wide, ...
28 Mar 11


Winds:Do not underestimate the winds, especially bura (bora) in the Gulf of Kvarner and the Velebit channel. Other winds are more "lenient" but their strength varies in intensity from north to south along the coast. For example, the "Mistral" (Mistral) which is especially nice ...
19 Aug 11

Adriatic East

Winds—WeatherBora is the name of the cold and dry NE or N wind which blows with great strength and affects the Adriatic Sea in the cool season. It is much less frequent and generally much weaker in summer. This wind is felt strongly along both sides of the Adriatic and is especially ...
30 Jul 11

Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is a body of water separating the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula, and is a part of the Mediterranean Sea. The western coast is Italian, while the eastern coast runs mostly along Croatia, but lesser parts belong to Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, ...
16 Jul 12
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