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Uvala Porec (Baie Porec)

Uvala Porec (Baie Porec)



The town of Porec is built on a small peninsula in the S coast of Istria. The port and the marina are the S of this small bay that is protected by the island W St Nikola.

Warning: several rocks and shoals beyond the coast.
Coming from the S, Hrid Zontujal, block down on the water in the middle of a shoal, facing the bay Mulandarija and  Hrid Regata, another island farther N than Zontujal. N of Regata plicina Bekarija, is a rock about 0.5 M from shore and about 0.45 M S of the old lighthouse tower of St. Nikola.
Plicina Bekarija is indicated by an unlighted buoy.
NW of St. Nikola, the small island Hrid Karbula, about 0.1 M of St Nikola is connected to the island by a shoal of rocky shoals.

Southerly and north-westerly winds can cause waves inside the harbour.

Coming from N, Plicina Meja, indicated by a tag without fire, is at the height of the bay Sigulje, about 1 M Hrid Barbaran which carries a light and faces the town of Porec.

Approach: Of the four approaches into the harbour, the safest is the channel between the Barbaran rock and the head of the northern breakwater (on the northern headland off the island of Sveti Nikola).

Currents: the prevailing tides  reach up to 0.3 knots. Lon-lasting and strong north-westerly and south-westerly winds can increase the speed of the current to 0.6 knots.

La ville de Porec est construite sur une petite péninsule au S de la côte d'Istrie. Le port et la marina sont au S de cette petite baie qui est protégée à l'W par l'île St Nikola.

Attention: plusieurs roches et hauts-fonds débordent la côte.
En venant par le S, Hrid Zontujal, îlot bas sur l'eau au milieu d'un haut-fond, face à la baie Mulandarija et Hrid Regata, autre îlot plus au N que Zontujal. Au N de Regata plicina Bekarija, est une roche à environ 0,5 M du rivage et environ 0,45 M au S de la tour du vieux phare de St Nikola.
Plicina Bekarija est signalé par une bouée non lumineuse.
Au NW de St Nikola, le petit îlot Hrid Karbula, à environ 0,1 M de St Nikola est relié à l'île par un banc de hauts-fonds rocheux.

Les vents du S et du NW peuvent causer des vagues dans la baie.

En venant par le N, Plicina Meja, signalé par une balise sans feu, se trouve à la hauteur de la baie Sigulje, à environ 1 M de Hrid Barbaran qui porte un feu et fait face à la ville de Porec.

Approches: Sur les 4 approches dans la baie, la plusfacile se trouve entre Barbaran rock et l'extrémité N de la digue (située au N de l'île Sveti Nikola).

Courants: Les marées en vigueur atteingnent jusqu'à 0,3 noeuds. Les vents de NW et SW peuvent augmenter la vitesse du courant à 0,6 noeuds.

Uvala Porec (Baie Porec)
Uvala Porec (Baie Porec)
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Attention, from the N at high-tide "Plicina Val" marked by a buoy unlit face in Novigrad.
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The island protects the Porec bay.The first Istrian town to acknowledge the Venetian rule was Porec in 1267. In the Porec port, there used to be a building that served as accommodation for pilots, experts who welcomed the ships heading towards Venice, boarded and guided them further ...
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This bay almost completely closed, the S Porec, houses the marina Parentium.
Approaching particular attention to the island Regata, located W of the entrance to the bay and and that of Zontujal farther S.
It is not possible to anchor in the bay.
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Luka Porec

Porec is so popular that in July / August you must arrive early in the afternoon to be sure to find a place. The public transport part of Poreč  harbour is intended for the mooring, anchoring and sheltering of vessels with a draft of up to 4 metres, for the embarking ...
23 Jul 12

Porec anchorages

Anchor on mooring buoys in front of the marina or on each side of the Fortuna hotel on Sveti Nikola.
23 Jul 12
Local Area

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