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Ujung Raja (Susoh - W Sumatra)

Ujung Raja (Susoh - W Sumatra)



Between Meulaboh and Ujung Raja, about 34 miles SE, the coast is low, with high trees behind. There are no off-lying dangers until about 12 miles SW of Ujung Raja and the soundings give good warning of approach to the coast.

The mountains lie far inland and are only visible in the early morning.

From a position about 13 miles SW of Ujung Raja to a position about 4 miles W of Tapa Toean (3°15'N., 97°11'E.), a distance of about 50 miles SE there are many shoal patches with depths of from 7.6 to 12.8m close inside the 200m curve, and then to the coast there are numerous patches with even lesser depths reported.
Those reefs off the coast between Ujung Raja and Ujung Brang Bang are seldom marked by breakers or discoloration.
Caution.—There are several islands off this coast; numerous isolated dangers, many out of sight of land, which make navigation hazardous.

The nature of the bottom changes completely S of Ujung Raja, whereas to the N, the depths decrease regularly. A vessel may come suddenly into considerable and irregular depths S, which will be close to dangerous shoals.

Soundings, however, should not be neglected, and a good lookout aloft should always be kept during the day. Night navigation is attended with considerable risk.

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Ujung Karang (Kareueng) (W Sumatra)

The coast between Ujung Toeba (Ujung Tuba), a low promontory, and Ujung Kareueng, about 8 miles SE, is swampy.
Ujung Kareueng, the W extremity of Meulaboh Bay, is a low point sparsely covered with coconut trees with buildings of a settlement on it; a light is shown from Ujung Kareueng. ...
4 Feb 12

Meulaboh harbour (W Sumatra)

Meulaboh Bay affords less protection, there being no reefs seaward.
The shore of the bay is fronted by a reef which extends 91m off Kuala Tjangku.Meulaboh is the capital of W Aceh Regency and is among the hardest hit areas by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. Being just 150 km ...
4 Feb 12

Tapaktuan harbour (W Sumatra)

Tapaktuan, entered between Ujung Kupiah and Ujung Batu Itam, about 2 NM E, is entirely open S.
The shores of the roadstead are high and steep, and consist of wooded rocks and high hills.
It is reported to be fringed by a reef in most places, but abreast Tapaktuan, on the W side ...
4 Feb 12

Ujung Kupiah (Tapaktuan) (W Sumatra)

The coast between Teluk Susoh and Tapa Toean, about 36 miles SE, is low; the reefs lying in the vicinity of the 20m line are occasionally marked by swell, but never by discoloration.
The chart should be referred to for the off-lying reefs between the coast and the 200m curve.
4 Feb 12

Ujung Raja (Samalanga - N Sumatra)

Ujung Raja, S Samalanga village, a low promontory, may be recognized at some distant by a grove of high trees near its extremity.
There is a fringing reef off Ujung Raja; it should not be approached in depths less than 15m.
20 Jan 12

Pulau pulau Kokos (W Sumatra)

The Kokos Islands are two low islands, lying about 24 miles W of the N extremity of Pulau Simeulue.
They may be seen from a distance of about 13 miles. The southernmost island is marked by a light.
Depths of from 9 to 16.5m exist on the NW end of the bank extending 19 miles ...
4 Feb 12

Teluk Rigaih (W Sumatra)

Teluk Rigaih is nearly 2 miles wide and about the same in length; the coast is for the most part composed of rocky cliffs, excepting the swampy portion on its NE side. The four islands which encumber it divide the bay into the N and S harbors.
There is always a heavy swell in Teluk ...
4 Feb 12

Ujung Peusangan (N Sumatra)

Ujung Peusangan, located 22 miles E of Ujung Raja, is low and sandy.
20 Jan 12

Pulau Reusam (W Sumatra)

Pulau Reusam, the largest and highest of the four islands in Rigaih bay, is surrounded by a reef. Two shoals, with depths of 3.7 to 5.5m, lie about 0.1 mile W of Pulau Reusam.
A patch, with a depth of 5.9m, lies about 0.1 mile E of Pulau Reusam.
Vessels making any stay at Teluk ...
4 Feb 12

Pulau Rangas (W Sumatra)

Pulau Rangas, lying about 2 miles SW of Ujung Baro, is a small rocky island 66m high, and covered with trees, which are visible for a considerable distance.
Two rocks above-water lie off its SE side, and a sunken rock, which always breaks, lies 91m off its NW side, all of which ...
3 Feb 12

Ujung Baro (W Sumatra)

Ujung Baro, the SW extremity of the peninsula within which is Teluk Rigaih, is a rocky headland rising steeply from the sea, covered with vegetation, and higher than the land within it. It is the N entrance point for Teluk Rigaih.
Gillis Reef, with a least depth of 3.4m, is about ...
3 Feb 12

Pulau pulau Cikem (W Sumatra)

Cikem islands are located about 1,2 NM S of Ug Glumpang. The W island is steep-to on its seaward side.The islands are densely wooded and joined by a reef.Pulua-pulau Cikem is in a seismicly active area with most recent activity being an earthquake in Simeulue on Wednesday 01st of ...
3 Feb 12
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North coast of Sumatra (Indonesia)

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17 Jan 12

Pulau Paya (Langkawi) (Malaysia)

Pulau Paya lies 6.5 miles E from Pulau Segantang, 88m high, is densely wooded and steepto, except for part of the NE side.
The Pulau Paya Marine Park has been established and special regulations may apply.
Pulau Lembu, 73m high, lies 0.5 mile NE of Pulau Paya. A rock awash lies ...
19 Dec 11

Pulau Langkawi (Malaysia)

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The islands are a part of the state of Kedah, which is adjacent to the Thai border.Langkawi ...
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Ko Phuket (Thaïland) to Pulau Pinang (Malaysia)

The coast between Ko Phuket and Pulau Pinang, 180 miles SSE, is generally low with some hills near the mountainous island of Pulau Langkawi. Islands and islets project widely from the coast, fringed by a coastal bank covered by little water.
The mouths of rivers are generally encumbered by bars.
22 Nov 11
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