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Ujung Raja (Aceh - Sumatra)

Ujung Raja (Aceh - Sumatra)



Ujung Raja is a cape located in the area and state of Aceh. It is at 206 m above the sea.

Ujung Raya (Ujung Raja is a lofty promontory rising precipitously from the sea and easily recognized from all directions; there are depths of 21.9m at a short distance from it.
A number of sunken dangers lie near the coast rendering it advisable to give it a berth of 5 or 6 miles, especially at night.
Most of the dangers are steep-to, as is the coast in most places, but they are generally seen by the surf breaking over them.
There are numerous prominent headlands and mountains by means of which the position of a vessel is easily verified.

An indifferent bottom almost everywhere, and the heavy ocean swell and poor shelter from W winds, render most places on this portion of the W coast as undesirable anchorages. 

The coast between Ujung Raya to Teluk Rigaih, about 57 miles SSE, is very irregular and has many prominent headlands, with bays between, none of which afford secure anchorage during the Southwest Monsoon.

Ujung Raja est un cap situé dans la région et l'état d'Aceh. Il est à 206 m au-dessus de la mer.
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Pulau Peunasoe (Nasi) (SE Breueh)

Pulau Nasi (Peunasoe or Aceh island), nearly joins the SE point of Pulau Breueh, being separated by Aroih Lam Puyang.
The coast line is rocky in places with sandy beaches chiefly on the W side.
11 Jan 12

Pulau Bunta (S P Nasi)

Pulau Bunta (Pulau Boenta) lies between Aroih Raya and Aroih Cut (Aroih Tjoet).
Pulo Bunta is the least interesting of the bigger islands in Pulo Aceh. It has a light house and a few beaches, but difficult to swim due to the barrier reefs and strong currents. There are no people ...
19 Jan 12

Pulau Batee (S P Nasi)

Pulau Batee, lying about 1 mile NE of the E end of Pulau Bunta, is mostly wooded, and rises to 129m.
The island is long and narrow. The mountain range runs along its NE side.
Pulau Batee is borded at its E side by Pulau Lumpai and at the W side, by Pulau Usamlakoh .
The spectacular ...
12 Jan 12

Ujung Bada (P Bunta)

Approx. 40 m square skeletal tower with lantern and gallery, painted white.
This light marks the beginning of the approach to Banda Aceh from the Indian Ocean.
19 Jan 12

Lhok Prialaut (N Weh)

Lhok Prialaut is the bay lying between Ug Bau and Ug Seukundo. 6,5 NM appart, between wich points the bay extends S for about 4 NM, with Teluk Sabang on its E shore.
Lhok Prialaut is about 2 miles in length and breadth, with good anchorage near its head, in 16.5 to 21.9m.
Tides—Currents.—The ...
15 Jan 12

Aroih Cut (Aroih Tjoet) (S P Batee)

Aroih Cut (Aroih Tjoet) is funnel-shaped and narrows from about 2 miles in its W entrance to less than 0.2 mile at Ujung Masammuka, with depths of 16.5 to 49.3m.
The flood current sets NE directly through the passage, and the ebb in the opposite direction, at rates of 5 to 6 knots ...
12 Jan 12

Aroih Raya (Cedar passage) (SE P Nasi)

Aroih Raya (Cedar passage) lies between Pulau Nasi on the N and Pulau Bunta (Boenta) and pulau Batee on the S. It is about 1,7 NM wide.
A rock, awash, with sunken rocks N of it, lies about midway between the entrances to Cedar Passage.In Aroih Raya, the current reaches its greatest ...
12 Jan 12

Ujung Masammuka (NW Sumatra coast)

Ujung Masammuka ( or Masam Muka) with Ug Raya located 3,5 miles to SSW of it, form the extremity of the island of Sumatra.
Between Masammuka and Ujung Baka, about 14 miles ENE, the coast is rocky and steep for about 1 mile SE of the former, then it is sandy.Except off Ujung Masam ...
17 Jan 12

Ujung Eumpee (SE P Nasi)

Located at the SE extremity of Pulau Nasi.
11 Jan 12

Ujung Bau (S Nasi))

Ujung Bau (or Baku, Oedjoeng Baoe) is a cape in the region of Aceh, the country of Indonesia with an average elevation of 80 meter above sea level. The location is sparsely populated
12 Jan 12

Teluk Karang Raba (Kruengraba Kroeeng Raba) (E Sumatra)

Teluk Karang Raba, lying 2,5 miles S of Ujung Raya, is about 4 miles wide. The mountains on either side make it appear as a valley when being a considerable distance off, and it has been mistaken for Aroih Cut.There is a cement-handling pier in the bay. The pier is 125m long with ...
1 Feb 12

Pulau Keureuse (SW Breueh)

Pulau Keureuse (Nasi Kecil) or pulau Teunom, lies about 0.6 mile off the SW end of Pulau Breueh.
A sand bank, with depths of less than 5.5m, extends NE for a distance of about 0.3 mile from the NE coast.
11 Jan 12
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Indian Ocean

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North coast of Sumatra (Indonesia)

North Sumatra stretches across the island between the Indian ocean and the Strait of Malacca. It borders Aceh province on the northwest. The province contains a broad, low plain along the Strait of Malacca on which the provincial capital, Medan, is located. In the south and west, ...
17 Jan 12

Nicobar Islands (India)

The Nicobar islands archipelago are situated south of the neighboring Andaman Islands archipelago, in the eastern Indian Ocean. It is separated from Taïland to the E by the Andaman sea and it is composed of three groups.
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Batti ...
30 Nov 11

Pulau Paya (Langkawi) (Malaysia)

Pulau Paya lies 6.5 miles E from Pulau Segantang, 88m high, is densely wooded and steepto, except for part of the NE side.
The Pulau Paya Marine Park has been established and special regulations may apply.
Pulau Lembu, 73m high, lies 0.5 mile NE of Pulau Paya. A rock awash lies ...
19 Dec 11

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Pulau Langkawi,  officially known as Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah is an archipelago of 104 islands in the strait of Malacca, some 30 km off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia.
The islands are a part of the state of Kedah, which is adjacent to the Thai border.Langkawi ...
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