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Torre di Chia (Domus de Maria Sardegna)

Torre di Chia (Domus de Maria Sardegna)



Chia tower was built on a promontory in 1639. The construction was part of the defensive network composed of the coastal towers, set up between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries by the Crown of Spain against the incursions of the Barbary pirates. The Tower of Chia had two guns.
La tour Chia fut construite sur un promontoire en 1639. La construction faisait partie du réseau défensif constitué par les tours côtières, mis en place  entre le XVIe et XVIIe siècles par la Couronne d'Espagne contre les incursions des pirates barbaresques. La Tour de Chia avait deux canons.

Torre di Chia (Domus de Maria Sardegna)
La torre di Chia fu eretta su un promontorio nel 1639. La costruzione faceva parte della rete difensiva composta dalle torri costiere, allestita fra i secoli XVI e XVII dalla Corona di Spagna contro le incursioni dei corsari barbareschi. La Torre di Chia era dotata di due cannoni.

Torre di Chia (Domus de Maria Sardegna)
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Sites around Torre di Chia (Domus de Maria Sardegna)
Flying distances - Direct line

Golfo Malfatano (Teulada Sardegna)

The small Malfatano gulf, appearance desert, ends at W Malfatano Cape.

Tuarredda islet, facing the beach, can be reached on foot from the latter by low tide.

Care must be taken to shallow areas that occupy a good half of the Gulf. Keep the left when entering the Gulf.
If ...
21 Oct 12

Baia Su Giudeu (Guideo o baia di Chia Sardegna))

Su Giudeu is a great mooring site (sand), with with beautiful sand dunes, but it is very open.

We can anchor in the sheltered of Giudeu islet
19 Oct 12

Cala Cipolla (Capo Spartivento Sardegna)

Cala Cipolla is just S of Chia bay and before Spartivento cape.
An islet separated from the mainland by a narrow isthmus is an ideal base to anchor, even for the night.

It is well protected from the winds (NW and E) and offers good anchorage by 4/5 m.
21 Oct 12

Capo Spartivento (Sardegna)

Spartivento cape is at about 5 km SW of Chia. The granite promontory is 66 m above sea level.

Passing the fort you should be wary of two shoals covered with 3.5 m and 11.5 m near the E. E cape is the beautiful beach of Portu Simoni Gibudda, call cala Cipolla. W are the rocks ...
21 Oct 12

Cala Perda Longa (Malfatano Sardegna)

Cala Perda Longa is E Malfatano gulf. It has the same name of the village that overlooks the cove.We can anchor, but you must remain at the entrance of the cove (10 m) because, to the beach, the funds raise quickly.
21 Oct 12

Cala Ferraglione (Teulada Sardegna)

Ferraglione cove, W Spartivento cape, is protected by Ferraglione rocks.
Surrounded by rocks, it offers a quiet and wild anchorage by 3-8 m.
21 Oct 12

Isolotti Padiglioni (Capo Spartivento Sardegna)

The Padiglioni are 4 rocks of steep granit separated by channels where circulate occasionally strong currents.
Rocks provide shelter from the N winds and Sirocco, if they are not too strong.

It is a renowned diving site.
21 Oct 12

Tuarredda (East)

9 Jul 18

Isolotti Ferraglione (Capo Spartivento Sardegna)

The islets are located W Spartivento cape and Padiglioni islets. They protect  a small cove surrounded by a sandy beach, cala Ferraglione.
21 Oct 12

Cala Tuarredda (Malfatano Sardegna)

This cove is sheltered in part by Tuarredda island which is separated from the mainland by an isthmus barely submerged.

There is a shelter wich is between the Malfatano Cape tower and the end  S  Tuarredda Island, by 15 m, or in E of the island on the alignment of ...
21 Oct 12

Golfo di Quartu (Sardegna)

Quartu gulf lies between Foxi tower and S. Elia cape, in the Cagliari Gulf.It is not recommended to anchor in the Quartu bay.Ancorage is also prohibited in a strip between the bearings to 314 ° of Mezza Spiaggia tower and 316 ° to the S. Elia E end cape and extending to 7 NM of shore.
17 Oct 12

Cala Malfatano (Malfatano Sardegna)

This is the last anchorage in the Gulf of Malfatano just before the cape.
Beautiful anchorage by 11 m. You cannot go furthr to the north of the bay, due to shallow water.
13 Aug 18
Local Area

Capo Pula a capo Spartivento

Pula cape is overwhelmed by Coltellazo rock.
Between Spartivento cape and Pula cape, the coast is lined, with the exception of a short stretch, by a sandy beach very clear.. Near the cape the Guideo islet is projected on clear sandy dunes.
19 Oct 12


Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Sardinia was made a self-governing region of Italy in 1948.
Sardinia offers coves and beaches relatively quiet. In the North as in the South the sailor will find there many anchorages.
The northern beaches are ...
19 Oct 17

Méditerranée - Mediterranean

La Méditerranée est reliée à l'océan Atlantique par le détroit de Gibraltar à l'ouest, à la mer de Marmara et à la mer Noire par les Dardanelles et le Bosphore à l'est. Le canal de Suez au sud-est relie la Méditerranée à la mer Rouge.
Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
13 Mar 15
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