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The Butang group (Thaïland)

The Butang group (Thaïland)



The Butang group, part of Tarutao Marine National Park, provides the clearest waters and most beautiful coral gardens in the area. In their efforts to keep the coral in prime condition, the Thai authorities are levying heavy fines for any vessels found to be anchoring on the reefs. Anchor well off the reef edge or pick up a suitable mooring.

These granitic islands are blanketed by rain forest and fringed with white sand beaches similar to those found in the Similan Islands.

Access from the mainland is via Pak Bara, 60 miles from Satun. Ferries run into Koh Adang, Koh Rawi and Koh Lipe, which offer basic accommodation.

The only inhabited island of the archipelago is Ko Lipe.

The Butang group is part of Tarutao National Park.

Tarutao National Marine Park consists of 51 islands located in the Andaman Sea, off the coast of Satun Province of Southern Thailand. The Tarutao National Marine Park consists of two island groups: Tarutao, and Adang-Rawi, which are scattered from 20 to 70 kilometers distance from the southwestern most point of mainland Thailand.
The park covers an area of 1,490 square kilometers (1,260 ocean, 230 island). The southern most end of the Park lies on the border with Malaysia. Tarutao became Thailand's second marine national park on April 19, 1974.

There are essentially 9 islands of note in the Tarutao/Adang-Rawi archipelagoes:

Tarutao Archipelago (located approximately 30 km off the Thai coast: Ko Tarutao - The largest of the islands, Ko Tarutao is 26.5 km long, and 11 km wide. The highest point is over 700 m. Forest covers over 60% of the island.

Klang Archipelago (located approximately 38 km off the Thai coast)

Ko Klang, Ko Khai, Ko Ta-Nga

Adang Archipelago (located approximately 45 km west of Tarutao)

Ko Adang, Ko Rawi , Ko Lipe, Ko Butang (also written as Tong or Dong;),

Ko Lek In the Adang Archipelago, the small island of Lipe is the most important. With water available year-round, it is the home of the largest permanent settlement, of approximately 800, and the gateway for boat transportation in and out of the Adang group.

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Flying distances - Direct line

Ko Adang (Butang)

Ko Adang is a wooded island with a long white beach on the W coast. It is 30 km² and is part of National Natural Park.
28 Nov 11

Ko Rawi (Butang)

Big desert island, with a significant advantage over its cousins​​, that of having fresh water, Ko Rawi is located N of Ko Butang, E of Ko Adang. Its SE coast is populated with coral reefs and tropical fish.
28 Nov 11

Ko Tanga and Ko Chuku (Taïland)

Koh Tanga and Koh Chuku, halfway between Butang and Tarutao offer great snorkelling, diving and fishing.
The best anchorage is found on the east or west coasts between the north and south Tangas, depending on wind direction and ground swell. Alternative daytime anchorage can ...
28 Nov 11

Ko Butang (Butang)

Ko Butang, with its reefs and white sand beaches, is SW island of Butang archipelago. 
28 Nov 11

Ko Bitsi (Butang)

Ko bitsi, which is uninhabited, has a nice reef where it is pleasant to the mask and snorkelling. Northeast of Koh Adang is a small island with good holding close to shore on either the east or west coast depending on the season and ground swell.
28 Nov 11

Ko Lipe (Butang)

Koh Lipe is a small island in the Southern part of the Andaman sea. It is located in Satun Province, close to Langkawi island (Malaysia), about 60 Kilometres (38 miles) from the mainland.
It is part of the Tarutao National Marine Park, a large group of over 70 islands, and ...
27 Nov 11

W Hin Takon Dukang (Butang)

This anchorage, by 8/10 m, is just W of Hin Takon Dukang rock and is better in the southern season.
28 Nov 11

Ko Adang W (Butang)

Anchorage can be found in 16 metres off the white sand beach east of Koh Barat.
This spot is suitable during both seasons, although it is exposed to ground swells.
Alternatively, around Koh Barat some shallower spots in and around 8 metres offer good holding in suitable conditions.
Otherwise, ...
27 Nov 11

Ko Lipe North (Butang)

Anchorage located opposite a Thai fishing station and a large sea gypsy village.We moor in 12/15 mon muddy bottom.
28 Nov 11

Ko Lipe South (Butang)

This anchorage in 10 metres on a sandy bottom provides a good overnight haven in the northeast monsoon. A number of bungalow developments are found in this popular bay.
The best beach dinghy landing area is in the east of the bay, where there is a small sandy channel through the ...
28 Nov 11

Ko Rawi SW (Butang)

Anchorage and moorings can be found in 20 metres east of the islets, if the northeast ground swell wraps around the SW of Ko Rawi. The current is strong in this passage, and care should be taken when snorkelling.
28 Nov 11

Ko Butang NW (Butang)

Anchor west off the small islands in 8-12 metres with enough swinging room to avoid the fringing reef.
This area is ideal for snorkelling and fishing.
28 Nov 11
Local Area

Ko Phuket (Thaïland) to Pulau Pinang (Malaysia)

The coast between Ko Phuket and Pulau Pinang, 180 miles SSE, is generally low with some hills near the mountainous island of Pulau Langkawi. Islands and islets project widely from the coast, fringed by a coastal bank covered by little water.
The mouths of rivers are generally encumbered by bars.
22 Nov 11

Andaman sea

The Andaman Sea (or Burma sea in Thai)  is a body of water to the southeast of the Bay of Bengal, south of Myanmar, west of Thailand and east of the Andaman Islands; it is a part of Indian Ocean.The sea has been traditionally used for fishery and transportation of goods between ...
21 Nov 11

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
6 Apr 12

Lanta archipelago (Thaïland)

Ko Lanta Yai and Ko Lanta Noi are islands of Lanta archipelago, in S Thaïland, in the Andaman sea.
They are separated from the S side of Ko Klang by a narrow shallow channel.From seaward these islands appear as one.The N part of Ko Lanta Yai is mostly flat and low-lying with several ...
23 Nov 11

Ko Phuket (Thaïland)

Ko Phuket (48 km from N to S and 21 km from E to W), which is part of Thailand, in the Andaman sea, is separated from the W coast of the Malay Peninsula by the narrow channel Chong Pak Phra.
Chong Pak Phra has a length of 12 miles and a width of about 0.4 mile at its W entrance. ...
22 Nov 11
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