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10 Jan 13

Pak Nam Satun (Thailand)

Pak Nam Satun (or Satul) lies about 10 miles NE of Pulau Langkawi and is well sheltered by the islands from the Southwest Monsoon.Satun is one of the southern provinces of Thaïland.The name Satun is a Thai version of its original Malay name: Setul.Until 1813 Satun was a district ...
17 Dec 11

Kuala Perlis harbour (Malaysia)

Paknam Satul (Pak Nam Satun) lies about 10 miles NE of Pulau Langkawi and is well sheltered by the islands from the Southwest Monsoon.
The port town of Kuala Perlis (Sungai Perils) lies about 7 miles SSE of Paknam Satul; coasting vessels anchor off it, in 5.5m, SW of a group of ...
1 Dec 11

Ko Adang (Butang)

Ko Adang is a wooded island with a long white beach on the W coast. It is 30 km² and is part of National Natural Park.
28 Nov 11

Pulau Timun (Langkawi)

Located E coast of Malaysia.It's the most easterly anchorage for Langkawi. Being surrounded by a cluster of islands adds to the calm conditions  in most winds, but being close to the open sea, sometimes there's a
 bit of ground swell to contend with. The water is clean ...
27 Nov 11

The Sungai Kedah river (Malaysia)

From the Sungai Kedah the coast, with an adjoining mud flat, extends in a S direction for a distance of about 26 miles to the entrance of the Sungai Merbok (Merbau River), and continues low and wooded until within 8 or 9 miles of that river, where the conspicuous Gunong Jerai, 1,212m ...
20 Dec 11

Pulau Paya (Langkawi) (Malaysia)

Pulau Paya lies 6.5 miles E from Pulau Segantang, 88m high, is densely wooded and steepto, except for part of the NE side.
The Pulau Paya Marine Park has been established and special regulations may apply.
Pulau Lembu, 73m high, lies 0.5 mile NE of Pulau Paya. A rock awash lies ...
19 Dec 11

Ko Tanga and Ko Chuku (Taïland)

Koh Tanga and Koh Chuku, halfway between Butang and Tarutao offer great snorkelling, diving and fishing.
The best anchorage is found on the east or west coasts between the north and south Tangas, depending on wind direction and ground swell. Alternative daytime anchorage can ...
28 Nov 11

Pulau Tuba (Langkawi)

Pulau Tuba (5 km S of Langkawi) is the only inhabited island besides the main island of Langkawi itself. This Langkawi island gets its name from the tuba roots. It is the only other island that offers accommodation and there are a few places to stay.
At Pulau Tuba, you can experience ...
27 Nov 11

Tanjung Rhu (Langkawi)

Tanjung Rhu has 2 choices of anchorage.
The outer area just after entering the bay from the northern channel is fairly restricted for where you can anchor, as a lot of it has shoals in the southern part.
It can also get lumpy if winds freshen out of the West or NW. To enter ...
15 Dec 11

Hole in the Wall Kilim river (Langkawi)

On the NE coast of Langkawi, the Hole in the Wall Fishfarm & Restaurant, is not just the only floating restaurant in Langkawi it offers also the only watched yacht parking lot on a river arm inside the Kilim Mangrove Forest.Take your boat up along the southern, eastern and north ...
26 Nov 11

Pulau Bunting (Malaysia)

Pulau Bunting is the northernmost in a row of islands off Yan District in Kedah. It is also the only one to be linked to the mainland by a bridge.
The Pulau Bunting Bridge, or Jambatan Pulau Bunting connects it to the mainland Kedah.
20 Dec 11

Ko Rawi (Butang)

Big desert island, with a significant advantage over its cousins​​, that of having fresh water, Ko Rawi is located N of Ko Butang, E of Ko Adang. Its SE coast is populated with coral reefs and tropical fish.
28 Nov 11

Bumbon islands (Langkawi)

Pulau Bumbon Besar and Pulau Bumbon Kechil are located less than 3 NM from Kuah, on the SE from Pulau Langkawi.
Pulau Bumbon Besar has the shape of the letter M, with two coves on the southern part.
The island is uninhabited and rarely visited.
It is separated from another ...
26 Nov 11

Port of Teluk Ewa (Langkawi)

Langkawi port is situated at Teluk Ewa, on the N side of Pulau Langkawi.
It is designed to handle petroleum products, coal, and general cargo.
The major exports include cement and clinker.The port is entered through a channel marked with buoys and lighted buoys.
The seaward ...
18 Apr 12

Kuah jetty (Langkawi)

A floating jetty, 144m in length, which can accommodate small vessels, is situated N of Batu Kuah Light. A T-shaped jetty, with a depth of 2m alongside, is located just S of the floating jetty.
Tides—Currents.—It is HW, full and change, in Selat Dayang Bunting (Tyson Strait), ...
14 Dec 11

Bass harbour Kuah (langkawi)

Bass Harbour is the main anchorage for Kuah Town, it is formed between the S coast of Pulau Langkawi and the N coast of Pulau Dayang Bunting, is 7 miles in length with an average breadth of 1.5 miles and a general depth of 5.5 to 7.5m, mud bottom..
The harbour has two main areas ...
14 Dec 11

Royal Langkawi Yacht Club (Langkawi)

Royal langkawi YC is situated SE corner of Langkawi island close to the island'smain town.
Immigration and Customs are conveniently situated just a few minutes walk from RLYC marina.
200 berth (>60 m)
Low tide depth of 3 m minimum in the basin
Tel: +604 966 4078
Fax: ...
14 Dec 11

Pulau Singa Besar (Langkawi)

Pulau Singa Besar is located about 17km from Kuah, nestled between the smaller island of Pulau Beras Basah to the west and Pulau Dayang Bunting to the east. The sedimentary rocks on this island are reputed to be among the oldest in Malaysia going back 500 million years.This island ...
27 Nov 11

Teluk Datai (Langkawi)

Sheltered anchorage exists in the middle of Teluk Datai, in depths of 5m, mud.
The bay is free of dangers and is backed by a sandy beach. The bay can become untenable if a strong NW wind picks up. If anchored there with a NE blowing, best  to shelter behind the island at the ...
26 Nov 11

Monkey beach (Pulau Dayang)

Monkey beach or Teluk Duyung is Only 5nm from Kuah Town, so makes a handy day spot  to anchor before moving to either Singa Besar or the "Fjords" for a  more comfortable night anchorage by 3/4 m. It is protected by the Muka Head Cape. It is a private land, at one time ...
27 Nov 11

Pulau Rebak island (Langkawi)

2 islands in this area. The main one, "Pulau Besak Besar" and a small one "Pulau Besak Kecil"."Pulau Rebak Besar" measures 390 acres and is privat,e is accessible by boat from the the island's Langkasuka jetty point on a 10-minute ride away. It is located on the SW of Langkawi.The ...
18 Mar 15

Telaga harbour marina (Langkawi)

This safe and sheltered harbour that has evolved from a small fishing village, feature a self-contained township accessible both by road and sea.
The facilities and services available also make it an ideal destination for transient, and home base to yachts of various ...
23 Nov 11

Pulau Segantang (Langkawi) (Malaysia)

Pulau Segantang, consisting of two rocky islets, 25m high, lies about 22 miles W of the Sungai Kedah and 10 miles SE from the S extremity of Pulau Dayang Bunting.
There are depths of 29.3m close to its N and E sides and 34.7m about 2 miles SW.
A Marine Park, with a radius of ...
19 Dec 11
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The Pacific Ocean (from the Latin name Mare Pacificum, "peaceful sea", bestowed upon it by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan) is the largest of the Earth's oceanic divisions. It extends from the Arctic in the north to the Antarctic in the south, bounded by Asia and Australia ...
10 Jan 09

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2 Jun 12


Southeast Asian country consists of an archipelago of 7,641 islands, of which eleven account for more than 90 per cent of the land and just over 2,000 of which are inhabited, while some 2,400 islands received no name.
9 Jan 12

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9 Mar 14

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