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Tanjung Siapiapi to tg Sinaboi (E Sumatra)

Tanjung Siapiapi to tg Sinaboi (E Sumatra)



The coast between Tanjung Siapiapi and Tanjung Pertandangan, about 20 miles SE, is indented by a large bay fouled by shoals.

Several navigable channels lead through these shoals to the mouths of the Sungai Kuala Kualu and the Sungai Panai. 


Between Tanjung Siapiapi and the drying banks off the mouth of the Sungai Panai, the flood sets into Teluk Piai Geul and follows the direction of the channel.
The ebb sets on to Tanjung Siapiapi. Off Tanjung Pertandangan, the ebb sets to the E.
Both off and within the river mouths, for some time after the flood begins, the surface water continues to run out while an undercurrent sets inward. Outside the 10m curve N of the banks, the flood sets SE. The greatest rate of the current outside the 10m curve is 2 knots; in the channels and rivers, the greatest rate is 3 to 4 knots. There is very little slack water at springs.
Outside, each current runs for about 6 hours, but farther in the ebb runs for 7 hours and the flood for 5 hours. The currents turn about 45 minutes after HW and 30 minutes after LW.
Off Tanjung Prapat and Tanjung Datu the flood sets towards the coast while the ebb sets strongly to the NW.

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Sites around Tanjung Siapiapi to tg Sinaboi (E Sumatra)
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Kualu Geul (E Sumatra)

The coast forming the W side of Kualu Geul, which leads to the Sungai Kualu, has no distinctive marks, except a customs station on piles close off the village of Simendulang, about 7 miles S of Tanjung Siapiapa and some houses on piles off Tanjung Sibabi, about 1.7 miles farther S.
The ...
23 Jan 12

Pulau-Pulau Aruah (E Sumatra)

Pulau-Pulau Aruah (Aruah Islands) is composed of two groups of small islands and some off-lying rocks which are located on a bank with depths of less than 20m. The S end of the bank joins an extensive mud bank lying adjacent to the Sumatera coast.
Batu Utara (2°55'N., 100°36'E.), ...
25 Jan 12

Tanjung Percudian (E Sumatra

Tanjung Percudian is fringed by mangroves and may be easily identified by the high trees behind it, decreasing very rapidly in elevation upon closer approach.
Panipahan Village stands 4 miles S of this point.
Between Panipahan Village and the entrance of the Sungai Rokan, about ...
23 Jan 12

Pyramid shoal (Malaysia)

Pyramid Shoal, which lies on the N side of the SE end of South Sands, has a least depth of 3.4m, hard sand, and is the most dangerous shoal in the area because of its depth and protrusion into the fairway.
A lighted buoy is moored about 7 miles SE of Pyramid Shoal. A depth of about ...
28 Dec 11

Pulau Alang Besar (E Sumatra)

Pulau Alang Besar, or Pulau Halang as it is also referred to, is situated off the eastern coast of Sumatra in Riau Province, Pabupaten Bengkalis. The island and associated coastline lie at Kuala Rokan.This small mangrove island and the nearby coastline contain extensive habitats ...
23 Jan 12

Tanjung Pertandangan (E Sumatra)

Between Tanjung Pertandangan and Tanjung Sinaboi, about 56 miles ESE, the only points of identification are the river mouths.
The mangrove covered coast is mostly muddy and low lying. The coastal bank, as far out as the 10m curve, is marked by fishing stakes and enclosures. Fishing ...
23 Jan 12

Tanjung Sinaboi (E Sumatra)

Tanjung Sinaboi, low and thickly wooded, is the NE extremity of the peninsula separating theSungai Rokan from Selat Rupat.
Pulau Sinaboi, a small lightcolored islet, lies close NW of Tanjung Sinaboi and shows up well against the darker growth of the mainland.
25 Jan 12

Amazon Maru Shoal (Selangor Malaysia)

Amazon Mara Shoal, with a least depth of 8.4m, lies about 2.2 miles S of One Fathom Bank Light.A dangerous wreck, marked by a lighted buoy, lies in the southeastbound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme. Another dangerous wreck, with a depth of 16m over it, lies 10 miles WNW of ...
24 Dec 11

One Fathom Bank (Selangor Malaysia)

One Fathom Bank (2°53'N., 100°59'E.) is a detached patch, with depths from 3 to 10m, which extends 5 miles in a NW direction reaching 1 mile in width. One Fathom Bank Light is situated 0.6 mile from the SE extremity of the bank.
A stranded wreck is situated about 0.7 mile NW ...
12 Mar 13

Tanjung Siapiapi (E Sumatra)

The coast between Tanjung Jumpul and Tanjung Siapiapi, about 9 miles SE, is bordered by a mudbank with depths of less than 1.8m. This bank extends up to 5.75 miles off the former point and 2.5 miles off the latter point.
There are some fishing huts but few objects for identifying ...
23 Jan 12

Tanjong Ru (Pulau Carey - Malaysia)

Tg Ru is located E side of the approach to Selat Kelang, on Pulau Carey, It is the S point of the South fairway of port Klang .
The coast between Tanjong Ru and Tanjong Gabang, about 15 miles SE, is indented about midway along its length by Kuala Langat. This shallow river is not ...
29 Dec 11

Sungai Asahan (E Sumatra)

The Sungai Asahan is entered between Tanjung Napal, 10 miles SE of Tanjung Tambuntulang, and Tanjung Jumpul, about 2 miles to the SE.
These points and the coast in the vicinity are low, muddy and overgrown with mangroves.
The channel is marked by buoys and beacons.
Jumpul ...
23 Jan 12
Local Area

Tanjung Jamboaye to Tg Sinaboi (NE Sumatra)

The coast between Tanjung Jambuair and Ujung Tamiang about 69 miles SE, is plain, with few prominent features.
From February through May the high mountains in the interior are occasionally visible. During the rest of the year they can usually be seen in the morning. Many of the ...
21 Jan 12

Sumatra (Indonesia)

Sumatra (Indonesian: Sumatera) is an island in western Indonesia, westernmost of the Sunda Islands.
The longest axis of the island runs approximately 1,790 km (1,110 mi) northwest-southeast, crossing the equator near the centre. At its widest point the island spans ...
7 Jan 12

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
6 Apr 12

Tanjung Perling to Tg Siapiapi (NE Sumatra)

The coast between Tanjung Perling and the mouth of the Sungai Serdang, about 8 miles SE, consists of mud and mangroves but from there to Teluk Mengkudu, about 18 miles farther SE, there is a considerable amount of sandy beach and high casuarina trees. Between the mouth of the Sungai ...
23 Jan 12
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