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Tanjong Seginting (Johor - Malaysia)

Tanjong Seginting (Johor - Malaysia)



Bukit Banang, 470m high, is the summit of a range of rolling hills which terminates at Tanjong Seginting.

Four radio masts stand on its summit. Several bright white lights, visible for a considerable distance, are sometimes shown near the radio masts.

A light is reported to be shown from Tanjung Seginting and Pulau Sialu.

The coast between Tanjong Seginting and Tanjong Piai, about 50 miles SE, is low and thickly wooded; abreast Pulau Pisang the coast recedes about 5 miles.
The coastal bank, as defined by the 10m curve, extends about 6 miles offshore in this bight and up to within 1 mile of Pulau Pisang.
Within a line joining Tanjong Seginting and Pulau Pisang the bottom is very uneven, being marked by isolated depths of 5.5 to 14.6m.

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Sungai Batu Pahat (Johor - Malaysia)

The Sungai Batu Pahat, SE of Muar, is fronted by a shallow flat which, extends up to 3 miles offshore. A depth of 0.3m exists on this flat near the river entrance at LW.
Within the entrance there are depths of 2.5 to 5m as far as the town of Batu Pahat (Bandar Penggaram), about ...
5 Jan 12

Baker Patch (Johor - Malaysia)

Baker Patch, with a depth of 8.8m, lies on the NW extension of Formosa Bank. Between these banks and the coastal bank there is a deep clear channel.
5 Jan 12

Tanjong Tohor (Johor - Malaysia)

Tanjong Tohor, a low point covered with jungle growth, is located about 13 miles SE of Muar.
A 17.5m shoal lies near the main fairway about 11 miles Wof Tanjong Tohor.
5 Jan 12

Water islands (Malacca - Malaysia)

Between Melaka and Tanjong Seginting, about 46 miles SE, the low, thickly wooded coast is bordered by a mud bank which extends up to 2.5 miles offshore in places.
The Water Islands, centered about 8 miles SE of Melaka, consists of a group of six tree-covered islands of moderate ...
5 Jan 12

Pulau Pisang (Johor - Malaysia)

Pulau Pisang (English: Banana island) is a small island located off the Western coast of the Malaysian state of Johor. It is about 12 km from the town of Pontian Kecil and 5 km from Benut town. It is the siteof Pisang Lighthouse guiding ships into the western entrance of the Singapore ...
6 Jan 12

Pulau Karimun Kecil (E Sumatra)

Karimun Kecil or Little Karimun, separated from the NE side of Great Karimun by a deep channel about 0.5 mile wide, is a bold island, 377m high.
In the NW approach to the channel between Great Karimun and Little Karimun are two islets, Nangoi, 39m high, about 1.2 miles W of the ...
1 Feb 12

Clark Bank (E Sumatra)

Clark Bank consists of two narrow ridges, about 2 miles apart, extending in a NW to SE direction, which lies about 4 miles SE of Vowler Bank.
Depths over these ridges range from 15.5 to 18.5m. Between these banks and the shoals extending from the coast of Sumatera there is a deep ...
29 Dec 11

Sungai Benut (Johor - Malaysia)

The Sungai Benut, entered about 8 miles N of Pulau Pisang, is the largest river along this part of the coast. Only small vessels with local knowledge can be accommodated.
6 Jan 12

Sungai Muar (Johor - Malaysia)

The Sungai Muar, a shallow river available only to small craft, discharges into the strait about 14 miles ESE of Pulau Besar.
The river is tortuous but small craft with drafts of 1.8m can ascend to Kepong Hill about 60 NM above the entrance. A radio mast stands on the E bank of ...
5 Jan 12

Vowler Bank (E Sumatra)

Vowler Bank, with depths of less than 20m, lies with its NW end about 5 miles SE of the 2.4m depth on Rob Roy Bank. A 9.1m patch lies near the NW end of the bank and a similar depth lies s about 3 miles SE.
29 Dec 11

Pulau Assan and Mudu (E Sumatra)

Assan and Mudu, rocky and thickly-overgrown islands, 83 and 65m high, respectively, lie about 1.2 miles off the NW side of Great Karimun. Sajuda, an above-water rock, lies 0.5 mile N of Assan and Seal Rock lies about 0.5 mile NE of Sajuda.
Tokong Belanda, a low rock, lies about ...
31 Jan 12

Pulau Tekong

Small island on the east side of Singapre, close to Malaysia.Access is reserved to military activities and personnels.
17 May 11
Local Area

Tanjong Ru to Tanjong Piai (Malaysia)

The N coast of the Strait of Malacca between Tanjung Ru and Tanjung Piai, about 166 miles SE, is only slightly indented.
Most of the shoal areas which lie off this section of coast are contained within these bights N of a line drawn between the salient points.
Port Dickson and ...
28 Dec 11

Strait of Malacca (East)

The Strait of Malacca is a narrow, 805 km stretch of water between the Malay Peninsula (Peninsular Malaysia) and the Indonesian island of Sumatra.Singapore Strait is the area lying between the S coasts of Malaysia and Singapore Island on the N side and the coast of Sumatera on ...
25 Jan 12

Sumatra W coast (Indonesia)

On the W coast of Sumatera there is a high, rocky coast, or if there is a strip of sand by the sea, the land rises rapidly behind it to the neighboring hills.
Numerous small streams discharge their waters on the W coast, but most of them are barred and only navigable by small craft. ...
1 Feb 12

Sumatra (Indonesia)

Sumatra (Indonesian: Sumatera) is an island in western Indonesia, westernmost of the Sunda Islands.
The longest axis of the island runs approximately 1,790 km (1,110 mi) northwest-southeast, crossing the equator near the centre. At its widest point the island spans ...
7 Jan 12

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
6 Apr 12

Formosa Bank - Nares Bank (Johor - Malaysia)

Formosa Bank and its NW extension fronts the coast from Tanjong Tohor to Tanjong Seginting; off the latter point it merges into the 11m bank fronting the coast. The bank has a least depth of 3.3m and is steep-to on its NW and SW sides.
The bank which lies between the SE end of ...
5 Jan 12
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