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Svjetionik Zecevo Hvar

Svjetionik Zecevo Hvar



Coming from N or E, the lighthouse located NE of O. Zecevo identifies the island.
En venant du N ou de l'E, le feu au NE d'O. Zecevo permet d'identifier l'île.
Svjetionik  Zecevo Hvar
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Flying distances - Direct line

Otocic Zecevo Hvar

Otocic Zecevo, 12m high, lies in the fairway Hvarski, 2.7 miles W of the entrance to Luka Senj. This small islet is bare and steep-to, except at its W side.
1 Jun 11

Uvala S Zecevo Hvar

In the part S of O. Zecevo is a bay where you can anchor for the day by 4 to 12 m.
This bay is very popular with naturists.
1 Jun 11

Uvala Maslinica Hvar

Uvala Maslinica is located less than 1 NM W O. Zecevo coast N O. Hvar.
Sheltered from the breeze in the afternoon. Open to the NE and N.
Anchor by 8 to 16 m.
1 Jun 11

Luka Jelsa Hvar

Jelsa is a small town and a port used by ferries and hydrofoils.
The bay and harbor are easily identifiable.
No danger in the approach.
It goes where there is room. The port has few places for visitors.
The outer harbor is exposed to winds from N and NE.
40 B. (<40 ...
1 Jun 11

ACI marina Vrboska Hvar

Vrboska is a town and inlet on the northern side of the island of Hvar situated at the end of the long and narrow inlet.
When approaching from north the island of Zečevo can be used as a landmark. On Zečevo there is a lighthouse. After rounding Glavica Peninsula, ACI marina ...
1 Jun 11

Uvala Basina Hvar

Uvala Basina is located N coast of O. Hvar. The bay is divided into three parts. Part W is lined with houses and docks, the other two parts are good moorings for lunch.
Anchor where you want.
1 Jun 11

Luka Pitavska Plaza Zavala Hvar

Pitavska Plaza is the small harbour of Zavala, located en front O. Scedro. There is a pebble beach with a short pier and dock.
The harbor is sheltered from all winds except south-westerly winds. Small boats may remain along the inside of the breakwater (depth 26 m).
You can ...
2 Jun 11

Luka Lovisce Scedro Hvar

This large bay is composed of 3 creeks. It is located on the N side of O. Lovisce and carries a light at the entrance on Rt G Kurilo.
We anchored in one of the coves by 8 to 10 m.
Good protection except from N.
26 May 11

Uvala Manastir Scedro Hvar

Uvala Manastir or Mostir is located at E Lovisce Luka, on the N side of O. Scedro.
At the bottom of the bay is the Dominican monastery (founded in the fifteenth century and abandoned in the seventeenth century) who gave his name to the creek.
No dangers in the approach.
We ...
26 May 11

Luka Stari Grad Hvar

Stari Grad ("Stari" translates as "old " and "grad" as "city" in Croatian). One of the oldest cities in Europe, is at the end of Starogradski Zaljev.
The oldest part of Stari Grad is a protected World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
No danger in the approach.
Stari Grad is a ferry ...
31 May 11

Bol (Brac)


C'est le plus grand village de la côte S de Brac. On peut s'amarrer au quai dans le port, ou le long du brise-lames. On peut aussi mouiller au poste de carburant, mais ce n'est pas tellement abrité. Tel: +385.21.635.367 Fax: +385.21.635.367 E-mail:
1 Oct 08

Uvala Mala Stiniva Hvar

Mala Stiniva Bay is famous for its picturesque cliffs which fall sheer into the sea is composed of two coves separated by a rock.
We anchored for a lunch stop in this beautiful setting.
2 Jun 11
Local Area

Otocic Zecevo Hvar

Otocic Zecevo, 12m high, lies in the fairway Hvarski, 2.7 miles W of the entrance to Luka Senj. This small islet is bare and steep-to, except at its W side.
1 Jun 11

Hvarski Kanal

Hvarski Kanal, which is 1.8 miles wide at its narrowest part, leads between the N side of Otok Hvar and the S side of Otok Brac.
Although this channel is deep and clear, it is seldom used except by vessels proceeding to Makarska from the W.
2 Jun 11

Splitsko-dalmatinska županija (Split-Dalmatia County)

Split Dalmatia county covers theS  part of Dalmatia. The main town is Split, Croatia's second largest city by population and it is the largest city in Dalmatia.
Split is situated on a peninsula between the part E of the Gulf of Kastela and the Split Channel.
The city is ...
4 Aug 11

Dalmacija (Dalmatie)

Dalmatia (Croatian Dalmacija, Italian Dalmazzia) is a coastal region of Croatia along the Adriatic, stretching from the island of Pag in the northwest, the Bay of Kotor (Montenegro) to the south East.
It extends 350 km along the east coast of the Adriatic Sea about 60 km wide, ...
28 Mar 11


Winds:Do not underestimate the winds, especially bura (bora) in the Gulf of Kvarner and the Velebit channel. Other winds are more "lenient" but their strength varies in intensity from north to south along the coast. For example, the "Mistral" (Mistral) which is especially nice ...
19 Aug 11

Adriatic East

Winds—WeatherBora is the name of the cold and dry NE or N wind which blows with great strength and affects the Adriatic Sea in the cool season. It is much less frequent and generally much weaker in summer. This wind is felt strongly along both sides of the Adriatic and is especially ...
30 Jul 11
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