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Marina Waterland Resort

Marina opened in 2012 on the Surinam river offering 12 berths.
2 Jun 19

Pointe Française ou Pointe des Hattes (French Guiana)

Pointe des Hattes marks the N limit of the French Guiana and the separation with Suriname country.
20 Jan 16

Port of Saint laurent du Maroni (French Guiana)

Port NW French Guiana, on the east bank of the Maroni River opposite Albina, Suriname. It was formerly headquarters of the country’s penal colonies and the site of the largest prison, closed in 1944. Apart from its port facilities, local economic activities include sawmilling, ...
21 Jan 16

New Amsterdam (Guyana)

Ferry port .
8 May 11

Îles du Salut (French Guiana)

Îles du Salut, 3 in number, are  located about 7 NM NE of Pointe Charlote.Ile du Diable, the northernmost, is 40m high. Ile Royale, 66m high, is the largest and westernmost, while Ile Saint-Joseph, only 30m high, is the southernmost.

On a clear day, the islands are visible ...
20 Jan 16

Devil's Island

Île du Diable part of Salut islands is better known as Devil's Island. The total area is 0.62 km2 (62 hectares) The islands were used as a penal colony from 1852 onwards, earning them a reputation for harshness and brutality. This system was gradually phased out and has been completely ...
20 Jan 16

Ile Royal (French Guiana)

Anchorage can be taken in the bight formed by the S side of Ile Royale in depths of about 9m soft mud, good shelter from the swell, and good holding .ground.

Caution: Alouette Bank, covered with 4.8m of water, lies about 1.7 miles NNW of Ile Royale. Depths of 3.5 to 5.5m lie ...
20 Jan 16

Île Saint-Joseph (French Guiana)

Anchorage can be taken in the bight formed by the S side of Ile Royale and the W side of Ile Saint-Joseph.
20 Jan 16

Cabo Orange (N Brazil)

Cabo Orange (cape Orange) is a cape on the N coast of Brazil, separated from the coast of French Guiana by a large bay watered by the estuary of the Oyapock River Cape Orange is the northernmost point of the Brazilian state of Amapá. It is located in an area of tidal marshland protected ...
10 Jan 16

Santarem harbor (Para Brazil)

Santarem harbor stands on the S side of the mouth of the Rio Tapajos, 1 NM S of Ponta Negra.

An L-shaped wharf lies 1.25 miles SW of Ponta Negra. Its outer face is 200m long, with a depth of about 10m alongside.
Small craft can berth on the 180m long inner section, which ...
11 Jan 16

Cabo Norte (Amapa Brazil)

Cabo Norte is the limit  of the estuary of the Amazon river. It is 19 NM from Ilha Jipioca.
The cape is low, wooded, and slightly higher than the neighboring coast.
11 Jan 16

Point Lisas Port

3 May 11
Local Area

NW Atlantic Ocean

Entre le Groenland et la mer du Nord, l'Atlantique est séparé de l'Océan Arctique par le seuil de Wyville-, zone relativement peu profonde (entre 300 et 1250 m) et de laquelle émerge l'Islande.
Au Nord, c'est-à-dire déjà dans l'océan Arctique, on trouve le bassin de Norvège, ...
19 Mar 15

Guyane - French Guiana

The coast of French Guiana between the Maroni River, the W boundary, and Fleuve Oyapock, the E boundary, is generally low and is seen as a dark line of mangroves. A number of hills rise in the background and can be seen for some distance offshore. The coast of French Guiana extends ...
21 Jan 16


1 Jan 70

Trinidad and Tobago

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago  is an archipelagic state in the southern Caribbean, lying just off the coast of northeastern Venezuela and south of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles.Trinidad and Tobago was a Spanish colony from the times of Christopher Columbus. It was ceded ...
29 Apr 11

Antilles - West Indies

Entre le continent S-Américain et Trinitad, au S, et l'Amérique du N et Porto-Rico, au N, quelques centaines d'îles et îlets s'étendent sur 400 M et constituent les Petites Antilles.
On définit généralement les Petites Antilles par opposition aux Grandes Antilles, elles ...
14 Feb 20


Venezuela has a 2,800 km (1,700 mi) long coastline. It is bound on the north by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
14 Feb 20
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