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Sungai Udang Port (Malacca - Malaysia)

Sungai Udang Port (Malacca - Malaysia)



Sungai Udang Port, a T - shaped jetty, is situated about 3 miles NW of Tanjung Keling.

There are seven berths, with alongside depths of 7.2 to 20m, on the seaward side of the jetty; a buoyed channel, dredged to 20m, leads to the four center berths.

Pilotage.—Pilotage is compulsory. Pilots board at Fairway Lighted Buoy or at the anchorage and should be requested, via the agent, 48 hours in advance. The vessel’s ETA should be confirmed 72 hours, 48 hours, 24 hours, and 12 hours before arrival.

Approach.—Vessels approaching Sg. Udang Port should proceed to fairway buoy at position 2( 12'.3 N, 102( 04'.5 E (Long Fs1.W.10s). When proceeding towards fairway buoy:

a) Vessels coming from the north must not enter into Sg. Udang Port limit.

b) Vessel coming from the south must not enter Melaka Port limit.

Caution: Deep draft vessel approaching from the north should avoid a shallow patch of 15.8m at position, Lat 02 14, 2N Long 102 04.0 E approximately 4.5n.m. North West of the pilot boarding ground.

Regulations.—The maximum drafts allowed at each berth are, as follows:
1. Ocean Berth 1—14.9m.
2. Ocean Berth 2—14.9m.
3. LPG berth—6.0m.
4. Bulk Cargo Jetty—5.5m.
5. Coast Berth 1—7.3m.
6. Coast Berth 2—8.1m.
7. Coast Berth 3—8.1m.
8. Coast Berth 4—6.3m.

Tel: 06 3512282
Fax: 06 3517185

Anchorage.—A General Purpose Anchorage has been established 5 miles NW of Tanjung Keling. The depth was reported (2001) to be 19.1m. Other designated anchorage areas include the Ocean Anchorage, Coastal Anchorage, and the eight LPG Anchorages.

Sungai Udang Port (Malacca - Malaysia)
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