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Sungai Batang Hari (Djambi River) (E Sumatra)

Sungai Batang Hari (Djambi River) (E Sumatra)



Djambi River (Batang Hari), the largest river in Sumatera, has two principal mouths used by shipping, named Kuala Berbak and Kuala Niur.

Vessels should not enter Kuala Niur without local knowledge; the buoys and beacons may be shifted in accordance with the changes in the channel and therefore it is advisable to employ a pilot.

Pilotage in Kuala Niur is compulsory for vessels between Muarasabak and Djambi. Requests for pilotage should be made at least 24 hours before arrival at Muarasabak.
The coast W of Kuala Niur is low and marshy; several streams of no importance to shipping run into the sea, and the coast is sparsely populated.

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Sites around Sungai Batang Hari (Djambi River) (E Sumatra)
Flying distances - Direct line

Pulau Alangtiga - Beralas - Muci (W pulau Singkep)

Pulau Alangtiga, 79m high, lying about 30 miles NW of Pulau Berhala, is the central of a group of three small thickly-wooded islands fringed by reef, and some rocks above-water.
Pulas Beralas, 69m high, lies about 1 mile N of Pulau Alangtiga.
Pulau Muci (Mubi), 81m high, lies ...
26 Feb 12

Pulau Serak and Pulau Pengelap (E Pulau Singplaut)

Pulau Serak, a low and wooded islet, lies about 7 miles WNW of Tanjung Buku, it is located on a shoal, which, under the depth of 9.1m, extends 2 miles SE, 1 mile N, and about 0.7 mile off either side. Oekol (Pulau Ukol), located about 0.5 mile W of the S end of Pulau Serak, lies on ...
26 Feb 12

Sungai Tungkal (E Sumatra)

The entrance to the Sungai Tungkal (Soengei Toengkal) is located about 24 miles NW of Kuala Niur.
27 Feb 12

Pulau Kepulauan Singkeplaut (SE Pulau Singkeplaut)

Kepulauan Singkeplaut (Singkep Laoet Islands), lying on a drying reef E of Tanjung Buku and fronting Teluk Baruk, consists of Pulau Keling, Pulau Tengah, Pulau Lalang, and Pulau Singkeplaut, as well as a few abovewater rocks.
A conspicuous tree is reported to stand on Pulau Singkeplaut.
26 Feb 12

Tanjung Jabung (Djaboong) (SE Sumatra)

Tanjung Jabung (Djaboong), the SW limit of the Inner Route (N Singapore Strait from Selat Bangka via Selat Berhala and Selat Durian), is conspicious and partly overgrown with trees.
Like most other parts of the Eastern coast of Sumatera, it is low land and is fronted by a mud bank ...
29 Feb 12

Tanjung Labu (E Sumatra)

Tanjung Labu (Tandjoeng Laboe), the N point of the entrance, has a drying mud flat that extends about 2 miles off.
27 Feb 12

Selat Berhala) (SE Sumatra)

Selat Berhala (Berhala Strait), the channel S of Pulau Berhala, being generally free from danger, is consequently more frequented; the least depth charted is 6.9m. The shallow mud fronting the coast W of Tanjung Jabung extends some 4 miles N of Berba, an island lying about 9 miles ...
26 Feb 12

Pulau Berhala (E Indonesia)

Pulau Berhala is a rocky island largely covered with high trees. Two bare peaks, each 91m high, rise on the W side of the island; the island is inhabited. It lies in the middle of Selat Berhala, nearly between Tanjung Jabung and Tanjung Buku, the SW end of Pulau Singkep. Except on ...
29 Feb 12

Sungai Retih (E Sumatra)

Sungai Retih (Reteh River) disharges by four mouths, 8 to 12 miles NW of Tanjung Labu.These mouths are formed by three islands; the middle and largest is Pulau Kijang (Kidjang). Off these mouths the 5m curve is 6 miles from the coast, and the channels which lead to them are between ...
27 Feb 12

Selat Indragiri (Batong Kwantan) (E Sumatra)

Selat Indragiri (Indragiri River) (Batong Kwantan) penetrates in its upper reaches far into the
Padang uplands.
Its principal mouth is the Kuala Laja, which is the most serviceable channel for larger vessels.
Vessels with a maximum length of 60m and a maximum draft of 4m ...
27 Feb 12

Tanjung Buku (SW Pulau Singkep)

Tanjung Buku has the prominent hill Gunung Buku, 137m high, on it. Bukit Porok, about 2.7 miles N of Tanjung Buku, has a sharp peak about 149m high.
The coast from Tanjung Buku to Tanjung Sebayur (NW Tg Buku) trends NNW and NW for 14 miles; the latter point is on the E side of ...
26 Feb 12

Pulau Silenseng and Bunta (NW Pulau Singkep)

Pulau Silenseng (Pulau Silinseng), nearly 3 miles NW of Rusukbuaya, consists of two islets connected by a reef, dry at LW; it is surrounded by a reef which extends about 0.5 mile from its W side.
A shoal, with a least depth of 7.3m, lies midway between Ruskbuaya and Pulau Silenseng. ...
26 Feb 12
Local Area

Sumatra (Indonesia)

Sumatra (Indonesian: Sumatera) is an island in western Indonesia, westernmost of the Sunda Islands.
The longest axis of the island runs approximately 1,790 km (1,110 mi) northwest-southeast, crossing the equator near the centre. At its widest point the island spans ...
7 Jan 12

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface. It is bounded on the north by Asia (including the Indian subcontinent, after which it is named); on the west by Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands, ...
6 Apr 12

Pulau Selayar (Indonesia)

Pulau Selayar is about 6 miles long, E and W, and 2,5 miles wide. It lies between Pulau Singkep and Pulau Lingga, dividing the passage into two channels, named Selat Penuba and Selat Lima.
A reef extends about 1 mile SE of Penuba, a village at the SE end of Pulau Selayar. A hill ...
27 Feb 12

Pulau Alangtiga - Beralas - Muci (W pulau Singkep)

Pulau Alangtiga, 79m high, lying about 30 miles NW of Pulau Berhala, is the central of a group of three small thickly-wooded islands fringed by reef, and some rocks above-water.
Pulas Beralas, 69m high, lies about 1 mile N of Pulau Alangtiga.
Pulau Muci (Mubi), 81m high, lies ...
26 Feb 12

Pulau Singkep (E Sumatra)

Pulau Singkep is located about 20 miles N of Tanjung Jabung on the Sumatera coast. It is an island in the Lingga Archipelago in Indonesia.
The island, about 20 miles in length and the same in breadth, is much indented on its N and S sides.
It is separated from the E coast of ...
29 Feb 12
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