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St George's Islands (W India)

St George's Islands (W India)



St George’s Islands consists of three islands between 1.5 and 2.5 miles SSW of Marmagao Head.

Grandi Island is the collective name of the two S islands of the group, which are connected by a narrow reef of rock and shingle.
The W of the two islands, 76m high and conical, is bold, rocky, and covered with trees towards its summit.
The E island rises to a 76m summit at its E end, which, with the N side of the island, is covered with jungle. Sail Rock, lies close SSW of the E most Grandi Island and remains uncovered to a height of 13m with a wreck next to a reef that covers and uncovers to 1.5m close NE.

Pikene Island, the third island of the St George’s group, is about 61m high and lies about 1.5 miles NE of Grandi Island.
This circular island is flat-topped, precipitous, and covered with trees.

Grandi Island Light is shown from a four-sided metal tower on the summit of the W island. In 1974, an obstruction was reported 1.5 miles WSW of Grandi Island Light.

A prohibited anchorage projects 1.8 miles W and 1 mile S from the W end of Grandi Island.

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