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Spiaggia dei Pescatori

Spiaggia dei Pescatori



Mouillage par 3 à 5 mètres d'eau dans du sable et des herbiers. Aucune protection de la houle. Néanmoins, semble plus accueillant que le mouillage Ouest du Cap Mortolla.
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Cap d'Ail - Cap Martin

Le Cap d'Ail marque la séparation entre les baies de Beaulieu et de Monaco. Les abords étant malsains, il faut s'en écarter assez largement.
Le cap Martin est couvert de pins d'où émerge un sémaphore blanc sur les hauteurs.
1 Dec 07

Baie de Menton

Mento is a small harbor, lies 2 miles NE of Cap Martin. It is protected by two jetties and is used by fishing boats and yachts. The town stands in an amphitheater which is situated on a small promontory at the NE end of a beach. A square tower stands on the extremity of the promontory, ...
16 Dec 07

Baie de Beaulieu

The Presqu'ile de Saint Hospice , 40m high, forms a peninsula which extends E from the center of the E side of the Cap Ferrat promontory. It is surmounted by a chapel and a conspicuous tower Pointe Saint Hospice, located 1.2 miles NE of the Cap Ferrat Light, is the E extremity of ...
16 Dec 07

Baie de Cannes

Cannes bay is located between Pointe de l'Aiguille and Cap de la Croisette, 4 miles ENE, from which the islands "Les Îles de Lerins"  extends up to 2 miles. The E side of the gulf is occupied by the town and port of Cannes well known by it's film festival, where the houses form ...
4 Jul 12

Capo Mortola Ovest

On peut mouiller sur le flanc W du cap, sous la villa Hambury, par 7 m de fond, à l'abri des vents d'E.
19 Jul 11

Capo Mortola

Capo Mortola  can be recognized by Villa Hambury, a reddish building surmounted by a prominent square tower on its W side, standing 0.2 mile N of it.
A fresh water spring lies in a depth of 14m, about 300m SSW of the cape. With a calm sea, the boiling action of this spring ...
19 Jul 11

Menton - Garavan

The harbour of Menton Garavan is protected from wind and waves, from all directions for boat up to 40 m long. The border between France and Italy lies about 1 mile E of Port de Menton-Garavan in the vicinity of Ruisseau Saint- Louis. It is indicated to seaward by the alignment of ...
26 Apr 12

Capo Mortola Est

The cape offers moderate shelter from SW winds and vessels can anchor, in depths of 7 to 10m, sand, good holding ground, E of Villa Hambury.
19 Jul 11

Menton Vieux Port

Port open to the E situated at foot of old town. Port well sheltered except for east wind. 590 berth inc. 100 visit. Length max. 25m
3 Apr 12

Porto di Ventimiglia

Ventimiglia:Ventimiglia, a town, is situated at the mouth of the Fiume Roja, 2.7 miles E of Capo Mortola. In its W part, the belfry of the cathedral and San Spirito Hospital, a long building, are prominent from seaward. Two prominent bridges stand within 0.4 mile of the river mouth.
During ...
19 Jul 11

Plage de Carnolès

Anchoring area on the East part of Cap martin.
3 Apr 12

Cap Martin

Situated between Monaco and Menton, the town of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin is in the hillsides overlooking the Mediterranean Sea shore of 7km.
13 Nov 07
Local Area

Riviera di Ponente

In the Ligurian Sea or Golfe di Genova, the prevailing wind is from the NW practically all year. However, locally along the coast, there is some variation due to the land configuration. In the N part of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the most prevalent winds are from the SE, W, and NW.
Fog ...
19 Jul 11

Ligure Ligurian Sea

The Ligurian Sea is an arm of the Mediterranean Sea, between the Italian Riviera (Liguria and Tuscany) and the islands of Corsica and Elba. The sea is probably named after the ancient Ligures people.
The sea borders the countries Italy, France, and Monaco. In the east the sea borders ...
24 Mar 12

Méditerranée - Mediterranean

La Méditerranée est reliée à l'océan Atlantique par le détroit de Gibraltar à l'ouest, à la mer de Marmara et à la mer Noire par les Dardanelles et le Bosphore à l'est. Le canal de Suez au sud-est relie la Méditerranée à la mer Rouge.
Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
13 Mar 15
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