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Sheeps Head

Sheeps Head



Sheeps head marks the Southern entrance of Bantry bay.
Bantry bay offers a number of well sheltered anchorages accessible in all weather: Castletown Bearhaven, a fishing harbour on the North shore of the bay is well lit and can easily be entered at night. Adrigole, halfway up the North shore in a picturesque anchorage perfect for a lunch time stop. Glengarrif, one of the most beautiful harbour on the West coast (and, some would say, in the world) offers perfect shelter in stunning scenery, while Bantry, a busy market town at the bottom of the bay, is a good place for shopping.
To the South of Sheep's head lies Dunmanus bay, a wild and remote place with offers little in the way of facilities, but has a few fine weather anchorages perfect for those who like out of the way places.
White building. Character:Fl (3) WR 15s
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Mizen Head

The Southernmost point of the Irish mainland, Mizzen head is a major headland with should be treated with due respect as the tidal streams round the headland reach 4 knots and can give a very nasty sea if running against a swell. The tide runs East on the flood and West on the ebb.
2 Jan 17

Ardnakinna Point

White round tower. Character:Fl (2) WR 10s
19 Aug 07

Castletownbere Dir.

White hut red stripe. Character:Dir Oc WRG 5s
19 Aug 07


Holding is not great in the bay (patches of sea weed). It is possible to come alongside the pier in front of the pub. Very little in the way of facilities, but picturesque, and a convenient stop if waiting for the tide to round Mizzen head.
3 Jan 17


White round tower black band. Character:Fl WR 3s
18 Aug 07

Copper Point

Marks the  entrance to Schull, a well sheltered harbour with good facilities. Long island sound is a beautiful sail.
3 Jan 17

Bull Rock

Marks the South entrance of the Kenmare river,  a most picturesque bay (despite its name), which offers a number of safe and beautiful harbours such as Sneem and Kilmakilloge. Darryname at the Northern entrance of the bay (North of Abbey Island) is also a beautiful and safe anchorage ...
3 Jan 17

Little Samphire Isla

Marque l'entree  du port de plaisance de Fenit.
3 Jan 17

Valentia Leading Lig

White red stripe on wall. Character:Oc 4s
19 Aug 07

Valentia Dir. Lead

White conical tower red stripe. Character:Oc WRG 4s
19 Aug 07

Cromwell Point

White tower. Character:Fl WR 2s
19 Aug 07

Galley Head

The harbour of Glandore and fishing village of Union Hall, 4 miles West of Galley head, offer good shelter in beautiful scenery.
When entering, go by the local saying, "avoid Adam and jug Eve" (Adam island is West of the harbour entrance and is foul all around!)
3 Jan 17
Local Area


La cote Ouest de l'Irlande, entre Mizen head (la pointe sud) et Erris Head, offre un des plus beau bassin de croisiere d'Europe, Les courants de maree y sont relativement faibles, la brume rare, et de nombreux ports naturels (a defaut de ports de plaisance equipes!) offrent un nombre ...
1 Jan 17

NE Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest of the world's oceanic divisions; with a total area of about 106.4 million square kilometres (41.1 million square miles), it covers approximately one-fifth of the Earth's surface.
The Atlantic Ocean has irregular coasts indented by numerous ...
31 Jul 11

Clare Island

Clare Island is an  island guarding the entrance to Clew Bay. The permanent population is around 120 people and the island has a shop with a post office, two bars, a restaurant, a few BnBs, a primary school and a daily ferry service to Roonagh quay.
The island is the highest ...
2 Jan 17
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