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Selat Kungkung (E Sumatra)

Selat Kungkung (E Sumatra)



Selat Kungkung is between Merbau bankand Rangsang bank, turn SW of pulau Rangsang and, in turn, leads into Selat Ayerhitam.

Several narrow banks lying in a N to S direction, with depths of 1.2 to 5.5m lie in the N part of Selat Kungkung.

Selat Kungkung, entered between Pulau Merbau and the W end of Pulau Rangsang, should not be used by vessels without local knowledge, as the approaches for 20 miles to the N are fouled by long shoal ridges some of which have depths of less than 1.2m and they are not buoyed.
A drying bank extends up to 1 mile from the NW coast of Pulau Rangsang.

At Tanjung Majan, about 7 miles E of Tanjung Ajung, Selat Kungkung leads into Selat Ajer Hitam, which separates Pulau Rangsang from the N side of Pulau Tebing Tinggi.


In Selat Kungkung and Selat Ajer Hitam, the SE currentstarts about 2 hours after LW, and the NW current about 2 hours after HW, at rates of 2.5 and 4 knots, respectively, at springs. Both currents are weak at neaps, the NW current being the stronger.

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