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Selat Kijang (P Bintan-Indonesia)

Selat Kijang (P Bintan-Indonesia)



Selat Kijang (Kidjang Strait) is a narrow passage between the SE coast of Pulau Bintan and several small islands immediately off that coast.

A bar, with depths of 5.6m extends across the S entrance to Selat Kijang from Tanjung Tili to the SW extremity of Pulau Koyang.
A lighted buoy is moored 0.6 mile ENE of Tanjung Tili.

Range lights are shown l.25 miles SSW of Tanjung Tili. The front light stands close off Tanjung Maga, the NW extremity of Pulau Siulung; the rear light stands on the N coast of Pulau Mantang, 700m from the front. The entrance channel is marked by buoys.

An overhead cable, with a clearance of 45m, crosses the channel about 0.2 mile S of the berth at Sungei Kolar.

Vessels leaving Sungai Kolar pass N of Pulau Mana, a small island in the middle of Selat Kijang about 0.5 mile NNE of Sungei Kolar, then E and S through Selat Dendang and S and SW through Selat Kelong.

These channels are marked by buoys and beacons. It is reported that ships drawing 8.7m have cleared Sungei Kolar via these channels.

A channel, which is marked by beacons, leads into Selat Kijang from SE of Pulau Kelong. It passes N of two drying reefs lying a little less than 0.5 mile N and NW of Pulau Kambat, an islet located about 1 mile SE of Pulau Kelong.

A beacon marks the NW drying reef. From there, it passes N of Pulau Rusa Besar.
An 8.2m shoal lies in mid-channel about 0.3 mile WSW of the SW point of Pulau Kelong. Caution is advised in the navigation of this channel, as it has not been thoroughly examined in recent years. A buoy is moored about 0.3 mile NNE of Pulau Rusa Kechil.

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