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Selat Kelang Utara - South approach

Selat Kelang Utara - South approach



Selat Kelang Selatan, the S entrance to Selat Kelang Utara, lies between Pulau Lumut on the E side and Pulau Pintu Gedung, Pulau Che Mat Zin, and Pulau Kelang on the W. Its narrowest part is under 0.5 mile wide abreast of Pulau Che Mat Zin.

The S approach has a dredged to a depth of 15m.

The channel is 366m wide and can accommodate two-way traffic. Range lights have been established at Tanjong Mahang (2°55'N., 101°16'E.).
The lights in line bear 011°.

Caution.—A dangerous wreck is reported to lie in approximate position 2°51'00"N, 101°11'23"E.
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