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Sardegna South

Sardegna South



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Sites around Sardegna South
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Golfo di Cagliari (Sardegna)

Cagliari Gulf is entered between Capo Carbonara and Capo di Pula. The two sides of the gulf are mountainous, but a long stretch of sandy shore lies at the head and is broken only by Capo Sant’Elia.Several extensive saltwater lagoons and areas of marshes lie behind the sandy shore.The ...
16 Oct 12

Golfo di Palmas (Sardegna)

Golfo di Palmas is entered between Teulada cape to SEand Sperone cape to SW. It is bounded to W by the E coast of San Antioco island.
The head of Golfo di Palmas consists of a low and sandy isthmus which connects Isola di Sant’ Antioco to the mainland.
The gulf is open to ...
26 Oct 12

Capo Pula a capo Spartivento

Pula cape is overwhelmed by Coltellazo rock.
Between Spartivento cape and Pula cape, the coast is lined, with the exception of a short stretch, by a sandy beach very clear.. Near the cape the Guideo islet is projected on clear sandy dunes.
19 Oct 12

Golfo di Teulada (S Sardegna)

The deep Gulf of Teulada (Bay of Rossa Island) opens W  Saprtivento Cape between capo Malfatano and Capo Teulada. It is the furthest S point of Sardinia. Many small bays and coves characterize this area.

The E side of the gulf is high and barren and should not be closely approached.
21 Oct 12

Golfo di Quartu (Sardegna)

Quartu gulf lies between Foxi tower and S. Elia cape, in the Cagliari Gulf.It is not recommended to anchor in the Quartu bay.Ancorage is also prohibited in a strip between the bearings to 314 ° of Mezza Spiaggia tower and 316 ° to the S. Elia E end cape and extending to 7 NM of shore.
17 Oct 12

Marina di Perd'e Sali (Sarroch Sardegna)

The marinadi Perd'e Sali, or Porto Combu, is located in the town of Sarroch, about 11 NM S of Cagliari.Caution: The depth at the entrance is less than the significance level. We have 3/5 m in the approach, but the fund decreases rapidly when we are beyond the end of the breakwater, ...
29 Mar 17

Isolotto di S. Macario (Pula Sardegna)

ESE Pula village, 0,4 NM offshore, N S. Macario islet has a tower remakable.

Take notice: never pass between the islet and the mainland because there are submerged rocks difficult to spot.
30 Jun 13

Punta Zavorra (della Savora) (Sarroch Sardegna)

Punta Zavorra (della Savora), located 1,8 NM S of Sarroch oil termina, is by several hills which are covered with vegetation.
1NM SSW of the point, 50 m high, stands the truncated tower dei Diavolo
18 Oct 12

Isolotto di Coltellazzo (Pula Sardegna)

Coltellazzo island lies close E of the Pula cape and has a tower on his E side.
19 Oct 12

Baia di Nora (Pula Sardegna)

Nora bay, or St Efisio bay, is S bordered by Pula cape and Coltellazzo islet.

The bay of Nora could be a fine anchorage sheltered by north-westerly winds when not stronger than 20 knots.

We can anchor by 7/20 m.
18 Oct 12

Capo di Pula (Sardegna)

Pula cape is a conical rock connected to the mainland by a sandbar where are few houses and a church. It is the W entry into the Gulf of Cagliari.
At W Cape we see some important ruins on the shore of Port of Pula.

Coltellazzo rock beyond E Pula cape, is dominated by the ...
30 Jun 13

Porto di Agumu (Pula Sardegna)

Porto d'Agumu has an arc shape and is protected from the wind. This is a beautiful bay lined with pines and palm trees.

We anchor in 6/3 m.
19 Oct 12
Local Area


Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Sardinia was made a self-governing region of Italy in 1948.
Sardinia offers coves and beaches relatively quiet. In the North as in the South the sailor will find there many anchorages.
The northern beaches are ...
19 Oct 17

Méditerranée - Mediterranean

La Méditerranée est reliée à l'océan Atlantique par le détroit de Gibraltar à l'ouest, à la mer de Marmara et à la mer Noire par les Dardanelles et le Bosphore à l'est. Le canal de Suez au sud-est relie la Méditerranée à la mer Rouge.
Îles méditerranéennesLes principales ...
13 Mar 15

Sardegna East

Du Cap Ceraso au Cap Coda Cavallo: Le Cap Ceraso est dominé par le mont Mandriolo qui porte à son sommet un signal en forme de tronc de pyramide. Le cap est débordé à l'E et au SE par des rochers et des hauts-fonds. Ces dangers sont balisés à leur extrémité NE par une bouée ...
25 Oct 08

Sardegna North East

NE coast extends fromPunta Tramontana to Olbia gulf. Within this area there are various sites:

Smeralda coast from Liscia di Vacca to W Ferro cape, to beyond Volpe cove.
This coast is high, rocky, jagged and generally very dry. A 12 M S Cape Ferro, Porto Cervo is an indentation ...
22 Nov 12

Sardegna North West

The Gulf of Asinara has no particular difficulty outside the Mistral blows particularly hard.
The Asinara was declared National Park and homes a penitentiary. The Fornelli pass, located between Asinara island and Piana island, can be very dangerous in rough seas and at ...
18 Apr 14
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